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Kenneth Che-Tew Eng: Why I Hate Blacks Article Writer

by Paula Neal Mooney

First there was Kramer's tirade.

Now comes Kenneth Che-Tew Eng telling us "Why I Hate Blacks."

Kenneth Che-Tew Engwas a contributor to the San Francisco-based AsianWeek -- before he was suspended for writing the anti-black piece displayed below.

A self-described "Asian Supremacist," Kenneth Che-Tew Eng also wrote columns for AsianWeek titled "Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us" and "Why I Hate Asians."

(Both posted below before they pull them.)

And now editors of "The Voice of Asian America" weekly have apologized.

AsianWeek's editor-at-large Ted Fang and editor-in-chief Samson Wong were feeling plenty of heat for running Kenneth Eng's so-inane-it-would-be-laughable-if-Eng-didn't-really-believe-it-immature-essay.

I just feel sorry for all the Kenneth Engs out there being mistaken for the racist essayist.

But I can partially see where Kenneth Che-Tew Eng's anger is coming from.

My Chinese friend was call…

The Strides of March

by Paula Neal Mooney

Why do we wait all year to make New Year's resolutions?

Since tomorrow begins a new month, it's a good time to think about what we want to accomplish in March.

Here are my "Strides of March" new month's resolutions:

1 - Buy my own dot com
It's time. Whether it's for this blog or a new site, a nice and memorable dot com domain will be mine this month of awakenings.

2 - Begin a niche blog
I said I wouldn't do it.

I loudly proclaimed:

"I'm the Blog Brand I Want!"

"I'm the niche!"

And I still am, but my subscribers and pageviews are growing slower than I'd like.

Plus, there's this missing niche stirring around in my soul that I know will be a hit.

As soon as I'm released to do it, I will see how the niche blog fares with subscribers and such.

3 - Learn WordPress
Ever since Mario Walker set me up with a to play around with, I've played a little.

Now I'm ready to move on to another level.


Want Some Link Love?

March 14, 2007 Update:
No more free link love!

Please see my sidebar to order a review from this blog from this day forth. Thank you all for participating!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Link love is important.

I'm all about the link love.

Getting links from other blogs back to your blog gives your blog more authority.

Giving links to other blogs that don't have as much authority as your blog is also good will.

Here are a couple of ways to give and get link love:

1 - Review John Chow's blog.
John Chow is a cool and popular blogger who's not shy about giving and getting the link love.

He's got a blog review thing going that you might want to join, since he's ranked 259 on Technorati as of this writing.

John's gonna crack the Top 100 real soon, I predict.

Check out the details from John's latest post.

2 - Review Paula Mooney's blog.
Okay, so I'm not at John's rankings yet, but today -- thank you, Father in heaven -- my blog is ranked 3,041 on Technorati.

Just look at…

I was called a nut then tagged...

by Paula Neal Mooney

KWiz called me a nut.

Then she tagged me for the "five reasons why I blog" meme game.

Not the "right wing nut-job" popular insult speak-of-the-moment as some are prone to copy mindlessly and hurl at me.

KWiz -- wife of Manchild -- meant "nut" in a good way when she found my blog.

Well, it's 2:26 a.m.

And as the Led Zeppelin-like lead singer in Almost Famous told Cameron Crowe's character as he sought to interview him:

"I'm in too truthful of a mood."

But here goes with the real reasons why I blog:

1 - So I won't cheat on my husband
Just check out my Cindy George piece to find out all the trouble a lonely housewife can get into when her hand is taken off the plow.

Like Bible Girl, I continually cast down wrong thoughts.

I used to think I should only meditate on Scripture during the times I succeeded in getting the wrong visions outta my brain.

Now I realize I can also think of ways to improve my blog too...

2 - 'Cause I…

Bible Girl Julie Lyons on Bestiality, Homosexuality and Sinning Pastors

by Paula Neal Mooney

Never on a Sunday, a Sunday, a Sunday...

Perhaps never -- especially on the blessed Sabbath -- would folks expect to find the kind of nitty-gritty stuff that Bible Girl (nee: Julie Lyons, before she was married to her new nom de plume) exposes in her excellent Bible Girl: The Unfair Park Religion Column.

Julie "Bible Girl" Lyons is a Dallas Observer editor and blogger, growing increasingly popular beyond the free weekly alternative that's owned by the Village Voice.

I found Bible Girl thru the in-depth and also excellent Get Religion.

And I will never lose Bible Girl again.

Because Julie Lyons is the real deal.

She's a Christian that exposes her own wanton sin, and a quick peek thru her posts shows that Julie Lyons isn't afraid to tackle the stuff the Pharisee-set stays away from: sinning pastors, greedy ones, and frank discussions about lust.

Neither is Bible Girl afraid to say she's fed up with movies that display a 12-year-old girl getting rap…

This is a tough one...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Sometimes I try to close my eyes to stuff like this that exists, but my friend Ilker Yoldas tagged me for an amazing meme to help children victimized by online porn.

I'd previously read about the child porn ring discussed in the articles that Ilker links to.

I stopped at the section in my local newspaper that said this international child porn ring had videotaped their victims being sexually abused and uploaded it to the net.

"Some of the children could be heard screaming," the article said, and that haunted me.

I cry now as I write this.

The only hope is in the wrongdoers repenting.

I won't call them disgusting and look down my nose as is so easy for us "good" Christians to do.

I'll relate the story of a ex-pedophile I saw on TV.

He said Jesus told him, "I died as a sex offender."

He corrected Jesus, saying, "No, you died for the sex offenders."

Jesus said, "No, as a sex offender."

The Lord explained to this man t…

Unbanned by Digg: Jesus Set the Captives Free...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Well, glory hallelujah!

The DiggNation has a soul.

Or, maybe they've fixed a banning glitch.

Or maybe the Digg head honchos were worried about their growing bad reputation that could be thwarting buyout hopes.

Whatever the reason, I found out today via John Chow's blog that he'd been unbanned by Digg.

I tried to Digg my "Is the Secret Anti-Christian" post and lo and behold, I found out they unbanned me, too.


The good news is that more high-profile folks like Neil Patel are giving me that great link love 'cause they are posting about my original "I Was Banned from" piece...

...leading them to my "All the DiggNation's Men" post as well.

Just reminds me of Joseph's brothers who threw him in a pit, only to have him rise to be a ruler over them later. But he didn't gloat, and neither am I.

"My brothers," Joseph said as they stood sheepishly before him, "do I stand in the place of God?"


PayPerPost Reject Your Blog? Keep Trying, They're Paying More Now...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Back when I first heard of the PayPerPost blog ad network that pays approved bloggers money to post, I jumped all over it.

My blog already met the 90-day-old requirement, but I hadn't blogged that often. I hurriedly created more than 20 posts and submitted this blog for approval.

But I didn't read the fine print and got rejected.

"You skipped a whole month!" replied one of the PayPerPost checkers.

She was right.

I calmed down and kept my nose to the blogging grindstone, and before long, PayPerPost accepted this blog.

I've posted 7 perfectly-numbered posts for them (not including this one) thus far and they've accepted each one and paid me for all seven.

PayPerPost's New Payment Model Pays Bloggers More
And lately, PayPerPost has redesigned their payment model in a smart way.

Instead of lumping all bloggers in the same ilk and offering all of us the same payment, PayPerPost's clients are now paying attention to Google Pagerank, Alexa ratings…

Is Million Dollar Avatar a Scam?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Today I was cruising TechCrunch's post about Explode! and in the comments section I saw a guy pitching something called the Million Dollar Avatar.

I headed on over to the Million Dollar Avatar, and was as happy as a pig in slop when they approved my quick application and my big face made it on the Million Dollar Avatar's front page.

After I joined the Million Dollar Avatar and started surfing the site, I found this in the Million Dollar Avatar's FAQs page:

How do I become a member?
Becoming a Million Dollar Avatar member is very easy. First, walk-thru the 2 step registration process to register your profile and pay the $10/yr membership fee....


Hold the phone Million Dollar Avatar maker!

Who said anything on the Million Dollar Avatar's terms and conditions about money?

(Not that I read those things anyway. But I did just select all and try to find a dollar sign -- no dice.)

Neither could I find out how to win a free membership as stated in the little …

Explode Your Blog Traffic with Explode!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Don't fret, MyBlogLog pet, but there's a new social site in town called Explode!

TechCrunch led me to this new Explode! site that lets you enter your profile, upload your pic and enter your website that other Explode! users can visit.

Here are some cool things about Explode!...

Explode! allows you to enter a long lists of interest in your profile. They turn to blue links when someone else has entered that same interest, allowing you to visit the person who shares your interest.

Explode! even provides you with a tag cloud so you can see what interests are already out there.

Explode! let's you add friends by clicking the little plus icon, or "un-friend" them by clicking the minus icon.

If you've listed your blog's site in your Explode! profile, Explode! users who click on your picture or friend request emails will be led directly to your blog, not your Explode! profile page.

Explode! has a nice widget (though not as cool as MyBlogLog's wi…