This is a tough one...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Sometimes I try to close my eyes to stuff like this that exists, but my friend Ilker Yoldas tagged me for an amazing meme to help children victimized by online porn.

I'd previously read about the child porn ring discussed in the articles that Ilker links to.

I stopped at the section in my local newspaper that said this international child porn ring had videotaped their victims being sexually abused and uploaded it to the net.

"Some of the children could be heard screaming," the article said, and that haunted me.

I cry now as I write this.

The only hope is in the wrongdoers repenting.

I won't call them disgusting and look down my nose as is so easy for us "good" Christians to do.

I'll relate the story of a ex-pedophile I saw on TV.

He said Jesus told him, "I died as a sex offender."

He corrected Jesus, saying, "No, you died for the sex offenders."

Jesus said, "No, as a sex offender."

The Lord explained to this man that when He hung on that cross, He took on all the sins of the world and exchanged all our filth for His righteousness.

Therefore, that's the only open letter I can give to the creators and purveyors of porn that either includes or is delivered to children:

Repent now. Deliverance is available. Soon the mighty hand of Jehovah Nissi will strike you down...

I'm tagging:
1. Jill Miller Zimon
2. Tara Pringle
3. Jose
4. Laura Spencer
5. Lisa
6. Jennifer
7. Bonnie Calhoun
8. Scott Nance
9. Kimberly
10. Not Fearing Change
11. KWiz
12. Jim Legington
13. Martin Lindsey
14. Peter Mooney
15. Pho
16. Ms Jayy
17. Tonya Mitchell Peele
18. Charlie
19. Richie
20. Bryan


Michael said…
I can't forgive people who commit those crimes, even if they repent. If that makes me a worse Christian then God forgive me.
Martin Lindsey. said…
Paula I assume you're tagging us for comment, joining in the prayer circle in, both, neither?

I'll take a shot at commenting. This is tough. Online porn is a REALLY BIG PROBLEM. Kids have always been victimized by the sex industry and it's only gotten worse since it's gone virtual with the rest of the world.

All I can say is pray hard and consistently for the safety of children everywhere whether they are in situations like this or not. Take action by being involved yourself in programs that build up kids - Scouting, Boys & Girls clubs, Sunday school/youth group/church related activities, sports coaching etc. - and which can keep them out of harm's way.

I'm the Cub Master at church and the front of each Cub Scout hand book and Boy Scout hand book has a section on child safety that each new Scout and his parents are supposed to read together. We're going to go over it again as a unit this morning though.

I understand Michael's perspective. It's hard to forgive anyone who would lay hands on a kid sexually or encourage anything that would put them in a pornographic situation. Neverless we have to try because Chistians are obligated to pray about all sin and all sinners. At the same time God gave us emotions for a reason too, so again, I know where you're coming from Michael.

But remember the ultimate issue is sin and not a particular act. If we don't pray for the bad guys to be transformed then the innocent will never have a chance.

Pray for the victimized children and their minds and their hearts that they won't be permanently damaged by what they've been pulled into.

There's so much I could say about this subject that it's making my head spin. Way more than I can toss out there this early on a Saturday morning. Maybe I'll make this my last thought for now because I'd like to hear from the rest of you.

I have some thoughts on how some of these people's minds get twisted in this way but I'll stop typing for now. But when I come back I'll make reference to some writings on the subject by one of my favorite authors James Dobson and some references to Greek history. Some of you may know where I'm going with this.
Laura said…
Wow! It's a big issue.

I have kids and I definitely care about this. (It's why we have an internet filter at our house.)

Even with the filter I worry about what they are exposed to.

I think a lot of my blog's readers are WAHMs, and I'm pretty sure they would care about this too.

This requires some serious thought. I'll post on this sometime next week.
MIhaela Lica said…
Hi Paula,

Thank you so much for this entry. You raise some good points, but the blogger power campaign is not about "crime" is about asking the legal porn sites to password protect their contents. You know, to digg you need to login, to read your email you need to login... etc. So we want to ask them, politely, to create a login page, to prevent small kids from accidentally seeing such materials. This, plus parental care, plus a software should make a good protection. The Blogger Power campaign is situated at :) Thank you for joining!
ilker said…
Thanks Paula.. you are amazing! That blog fist image is really powerful too.
Jill said…
Thanks for asking - but first on the list!? Wow. :)

You are so right about this being a tough one re: the impact, the denial, the thinking "not my kids" and then the free speech issues.

Hope it helps.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Ahhh...Jehovah Nissi...the Lord my Banner.

Well the other day you found out that I was married and have a married daughter that is pregnant.

Today you find out...THAT I HATE TO BE TAGGED....ROFLOL!

I guess my Monday post will be dedicated to you! Mwhahaha! said…
Holy crap Paula...I TOTALLY dig your blog. It is so rare that I find a blogger that I cannot wait to read their next post...but guess what??? I can't wait to read your next post!!!

PS I am no superstar to the Bible, but "Jehovah Nissi"...that ROX, I had to look it up!!!
Michael - I can hardly blame you. That stuff is atrocious. But God will help us all wherever we need to forgive...

Martin - This is good. You've left some very thought-provoking comments.

Yes, I'm so glad you responded -- and if you choose, you can blog about your reponse to all this. That's what a blog tag meme thing is.

Either way, I'm grateful for your words about praying...sounds like you're a great role model to those cub scouts!

And James Dobson with Greek history: could you be referencing the wild Greek parties and such of ancient times?

Thanks, Laura. You're right, this is a heavy topic that can take time to post about.

Thanks MIhaela, I know I got a little off the original "distributing porn to kids via online sources" topic, but I started reading all those other links and thinking...

But I thank you for starting this campaign. I pray it succeeds powerfully.

Hey Ilker - Yeah, that blog fist pic is something else, huh?

Thank you so much for tagging me. You've really got thoughtful content.

Jill - Yep, I thought of you first. And thanks for your great post in response to this!

Hi Bonnie - Yes! When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

Sorry, I couldn't help but tag you. You've got me smiling again now, though. Can't wait to see your blog Monday.

Howdy Paul - It was great to visit your blog too. Now I'm your buddy all over the social networking place, heh?

Thanks all,
Jose said…

You're really starting to touch some nerves here! I guess that's why I've taken so long to comment on this post. This is very tough on levels that you can only imagine.

As I've said in a previous comment, sexual sins cut deep and linger long (mine that is). I could post an entry in support of this effort to protect children from Adult Pornography. But, if I don't address my own struggles with it I would only have hypocrisy to offer this cause. How would that be of any help?

There used to be a time when all it would take to walk down the dark path is a nosey child finding a relatives old dirty magazines. Now with the internet's oceanic supply of pornographic content children (as well as adults) are easily exposed to some of the most graphic of acts that humans can imagine.

I haven't posted an entry since you tagged me to post this one in support of BloggerPower. Not that I'm lacking subjects to post about. They all just seem too trivial in the light of this one!

It may be a while before you see my next post.

KWiz said…
Hey Paula,

This is a tough topic, nevertheless, I appreciate you tagging me on it. Look for my response probably on Tuesday or Wednesday (got lots of stuff to tie up for my students, getting ready for Spring Break, my weekly post, etc.). I've talked about this issue with my high school students, and having a daughter myself, I certainly need to generate a "formal" response.
Yvonne Russell said…
Hi Paula

Thanks for introducing this important initiative to a little corner of the mighty blogosphere. I hope it will continue to spread and be noted.


Yvonne Russell
Heart of Rachel said…
I read Yvonne's post about safeguarding the web for children and it led me to you.

I support this noble cause and hope that the message will reach many people.

Good luck!

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