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I guess I should update this blog more...I'm 161ish pounds now - and look at this cool pic

Yes, I've been a busy little bee, writing and working out and walking and riding my bike and so much more.
Bless the Lord I'm down to 161-something pounds, all thanks to my fun bootcamp classes at Max Life Training, that lovely MyFitnessPal app, and an epiphany I had in Cincinnati that I wanted to try and elimination diet that included going gluten-free and dairy-free to see if that would clear up my adult acne. Thankfully, it's working and I'm losing weight in a good and healthy manner.
Plus, I'm writing to much for my Elance clients that I've barely put much focus on this blog, but I always come back. One of my clients is a photo-editing service, and I thought it was a cool perk to have him transform my pic above into something so different and creative.
Just another perk of writing online.
Okay, so stick with me if you're still looking for freelance writing tips. (I tell all my friends to try and get jobs through Elance -- whatever type of work they off…