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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Made Money with Google Shadow? Google Shadow users, let me know how much money you've made...

Google Shadow is a new program that reportedly helps people set up thousands upon thousands of PPC ads promoting affiliate products to generate sales.

Since I'm all over the PPC ads these days -- I've got tons of them -- and now I'm in the process and checking them out under Google Adwords statistics in Adwords Editor to see which ones have the best performance -- I'm also intrigued by the Google Shadow guy who claims to have 30,000 ads running at a $3 to $5 revenue sale for each ad monthly.

This stuff is fascinating me.

So if you bought Google Shadow and post your income online, please hit me up with a comment.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Kindle 2 Release Date is Today - Amazon's Kindle 2 is Finally For Sale!

Kindle 2 Release Date is Today - Amazon's Kindle 2 is Finally For Sale!

After months of people speculating about the new Amazon Kindle 2 version, I just checked Amazon's home page and saw that the Kindle 2 is available for sale.

Pre-Order Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)

Okay, it's working now...

However, those Amazon Kindle 2 yahoo's are experiencing a minor (okay, major) glitch in that when I click on the Kindle 2 links, they show an error leading you not to the Kindle 2 page, but back to Amazon's home page.

Anyway, I'm sure they'll get the Kindle 2 page up and running soon, but in the mean time, they spell out some of the advantages of the new Kindle 2.

Like improved battery life, streamlined design and lightweight paper thin feel.

It only weighed 10 ounces before -- how much smaller can they make the Kindle 2?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Google Totally Unindexed my Website... Wonder When it Will Be Unpunished...

Google Unindexed my Website, Dropped it from the SERPs,I was just checking the stats of WatchFreeEpisodes.com, my main website, and said "Uh oh" when I saw only 900 hits at around 3:20 p.m.

That's because the days before, that site averaged 10,000 or more hits per day.

At first I thought my DreamHost Private Server was down -- but that had been amazingly reliable ever since I pushed the scale up to the highest and most expensive capacity a few weeks ago.

Then when I checked the keyword activity and saw all my searches were coming from Yahoo, Ask, MSN and the like, I knew immediately what happened: The Big G punished me.

But this time, as opposed to dropping me down in the rankings (which I think is what they did before to this blog) Google totally unindexed all my website's pages out of their search engine results.

Why did Google punish my website?

I can only surmise it's because I'd been playing around with the lovely wp-o-matic plugin developed by some whiz kid. Along with all my original content, I'd use wp-o-matic to put up posts based on feeds, leading people to the Good Morning America, Today Show, or whatever videos they wanted to see.

Oh well, so much for that.

The last time Google punished this blog, it seemed to be on punishment for a few months or so -- and that's when God gave me the idea to create that dot com in the first place.

So now I look at WatchFreeEpisodes.com's punishment as another time out. Who knows how long Google will make me stay there. I guess I can email them...

But any way, this just lets me know it's time to go in another direction. More Amazon Associates advertising via Google Adwords -- and writing other stuff.

There's always a reason when something closes shop.

Another bigger and better and brighter shop is bound to open...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Amazon Associates, Amazon Associates, Amazon Associates - How I earned ~$857.18 worth of money with Amazon's affiliate referral program...

Want to sell more Amazon Associates products? Stay tuned to future posts listing my Amazon Associates income...

Amazon Associates, Amazon Associates, Amazon Associates - How I earned ~$857.18 worth of money with Amazon's affiliate referral program...

Since it's February 1, 2009, I just calculated my Amazon Associates referral program earnings around the world.

Yes, I'm giving the Amazon's around the world (Amazon Germany, Amazon UK and maybe Amazon France) another shot, after being inspired by James over at Dominating Amazon. (Note -- Dominating Amazon website has been down lately -- Amazon probably confiscated that domain name from him. I've seen where Amazon does not play about sites have "Amazon" in their URL. I remember them confiscating another one.)

Anyway, I did earn $857.18 in Amazon Associates referral income for the month of January 2009, counting up Amazon US, Amazon Germany and Amazon UK -- but I spent $761.02 in Adwords advertising to promote them!

Now, with an approximate $96.16 in net Amazon Associates earnings for the month, obviously I did a few things wrong, namely:

Update: I discovered I was linking to Amazon from Google Adwords the wrong way. If you advertise Amazon products via Google Adwords, make sure your URLs are formatted like this, for example, with your tag at the end:


Not like this, for example:


I guess Google Adwords and/or Amazon doesn't like all those redirects.


  • Spending too much per click -- especially using Google Adwords recommended Max CPC per click and max budget based on their estimates
  • Using too general keywords such as "side-by-side refrigerators" instead of more specific model numbers

But a few things I did on purpose -- like advertise broadly on the keyword "hell" for a while, leading people to my favorite "23 Minutes in Hell" book and "Hell" follow-up books above as a sort of ministry.

So these earnings I'll only see in heaven when I meet the people who gave their lives over to Christ as a result!

What I did correctly to earn more Amazon Associates money -- and how I'll do more of it in February 2009 and beyond:

Basically much of what I learned in Mastering Search Advertising: How the Top 3% of Search Advertisers Dominate Google AdWords and from experience and research around the net holds true:

  • Bid on specific keywords, model numbers of products -- like "samsung lnt 4661f" or whatever -- those are the people ready to buy the product
  • Bid on LOTS of specific keywords -- not just a few here and there
  • Don't spend too much per keyword. The cool thing about leading folks from Adwords directly to Amazon products via your Amazon Associates links is that many of those keywords will automatically be assigned an "OK" or "Great" status in Google Adwords, so you'll only have to pay maybe $.05 to $.12 per click or so. But play around.
  • Don't limit yourself to only Amazon United States' affiliate program. Try Amazon Germany, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK and Amazon France, too. (It might take a while to get those "cheques" in the mail, I'm warning you. And your bank may look at you all goofy with those cheques made out in Euros and Pounds, but it could pay off. And I'm still trying to figure out how to get an international account to get the funds direct deposited online. Citibank UK's international account says I need $100,000 minimum -- Deutsche Bank in Germany sent me an email saying I could open an account -- but I believe they said I could make credits but not debits!)
  • Just this morning I was thrilled to learn, bless the Lord above, I sold two Germany big screen TVs that'll net me around $120.00 in Germany Amazon Associates earnings -- and lately, I've only been paying around 3 bucks per day to advertise totally in Amazon US, Germany and UK products online.
  • It takes time. First I tried to advertise all these keywords -- too broadly -- just because I wasn't patient and I wanted to get some action going, assuming if I got 200 click thrus per day that those people would really buy some stuff on Amazon.
  • I discovered that it's really not the QUANTITY of clicks but QUALITY of clicks. Someone searching for "samsung lnt 5281f" may be a lot more likely to buy a TV than someone searching for "big screen TV" online.
  • So use Google Adword's keyword tool thoroughly -- I also have used "Amazon Hunter 2" to find products -- though it's not exact, and running it can make your Firefox go goofy, and make Google think you're running spam queries.
  • Anyway, here's the breakdown by country for the month of January, keep plugging away. Maybe I'll write an ebook later this Spring as my earnings improve to help people with the dirty, beautiful details on making money with Amazon Associates online:

Amazon Associates Earnings United States January 2009:
Total items shipped 281
Referral Rate (Increase this to 7.50% by referring 40 more items) 7.00%
Referral Fees $653.40
Gift Certificate/Card Earnings $2.40
Kindle Subscription Earnings $0.00
Prime Subscription Earnings $0.00

Amazon Associates Earnings United Kingdom January 2009:
Total items dispatched 8
Referral Rate 4.00%
Referral Fees GBP 110.94
DVD Rental - New Subscriptions Bonus GBP 0.00
Gift Certificate Earnings GBP 0.00

Amazon Associates Earnings Germany January 2009:
Versandte Artikel -- gesamt6
Werbekostenerstattungsrate 4,00%
Werbekostenerstattung EUR 32,07
DVD-Verleih Neuanmelder-Prämie EUR 0,00
Geschenkgutscheine - Werbekostenerstattung EUR 0,00
Werbekostenerstattung dieses Monats -- gesamt EUR 32,07

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