Google Totally Unindexed my Website... Wonder When it Will Be Unpunished...

Google Unindexed my Website, Dropped it from the SERPs,I was just checking the stats of, my main website, and said "Uh oh" when I saw only 900 hits at around 3:20 p.m.

That's because the days before, that site averaged 10,000 or more hits per day.

At first I thought my DreamHost Private Server was down -- but that had been amazingly reliable ever since I pushed the scale up to the highest and most expensive capacity a few weeks ago.

Then when I checked the keyword activity and saw all my searches were coming from Yahoo, Ask, MSN and the like, I knew immediately what happened: The Big G punished me.

But this time, as opposed to dropping me down in the rankings (which I think is what they did before to this blog) Google totally unindexed all my website's pages out of their search engine results.

Why did Google punish my website?

I can only surmise it's because I'd been playing around with the lovely wp-o-matic plugin developed by some whiz kid. Along with all my original content, I'd use wp-o-matic to put up posts based on feeds, leading people to the Good Morning America, Today Show, or whatever videos they wanted to see.

Oh well, so much for that.

The last time Google punished this blog, it seemed to be on punishment for a few months or so -- and that's when God gave me the idea to create that dot com in the first place.

So now I look at's punishment as another time out. Who knows how long Google will make me stay there. I guess I can email them...

But any way, this just lets me know it's time to go in another direction. More Amazon Associates advertising via Google Adwords -- and writing other stuff.

There's always a reason when something closes shop.

Another bigger and better and brighter shop is bound to open...


DesignsDelight said…
Email them and beg never to do whatever they found you guilty of doing ever again.

Unless you want to be like John Chow and want to show you can do without them.
Yeah, I went thru Google Webmaster Tools to fill out a "Reconsideration Request" and before that deleted all the offending posts, and promised not to do it again.

All fingers crossed in the prayer position...

Anyway, the break is giving me a chance to learn about other things, like Adgooroo search marketing.
I can't understand this "punish" thing. Punish you for what? for making all things possible in this net - to be number 1? If the purpose and the ways were not "illegal", why be punish? whewww...just my curiosity.
derl said…
that sucks, but on the other hand so does duplicate content on a million different sites
vcgold said…
Maybe you can contact them to solve this problem.There are absolutly reasons why google punish you.I'm sorry I don't know why......But I hope you can in a short time to solve your problem.
It is quite little chance that Google will accept your reconsideration request but still it is the only way and once they reopened one of my friends' Google Adsense account after such application. So being hopefull is not bad :)) Anyway you can launch other blogs on different topics as well.
Ouch.. that is really hurt. No one will ever know why we get de-indexed. Got to praise Mr Big G all the time.
Kudzai said…
I like the "...only 900 hits idea". For some 900 will be gold but I know what you mean. Thanx for the info Paula...
Acne Oil said…
Google has a mind of their own and will do that from time to time to all of us. You'll be back where you belong in a few months.

They did that to one of my sites last year and in about 6 weeks we were back on the first page.
Sales Training said…
yes, don't worry, Acne Oil is right. Even I faced the same situation.

All the best.
You might have been too sucessful but do you think the blue hat tricks got you into trouble?
Think it was more like the 100 posts and hour that tripped Google's flag.

Ah well, you live and learn.

So glad I'm learning a new direction.
TUWD said…
if you check digitalpoint you'll see a lot of people have been getting played around by google lately. there's a lot of speculation that the algorhythms are changing.
Hi Paula,

What's the latest on this? Are you anywhere near normal traffic? Reach Google?
Tech News said…
it has happened to me earlier also and Google sucks in doing this i think a chance should be given.
Hi Make Money Online -

The latest is that is still unindexed by Google as of this writing -- and Google dropped the pagerank from 3 to N/A.

That's my own fault.

For anyone using the wp-o-matic plugin on WordPress, realize that this can happen to you!

Anyway, THANK GOD for chastizing me letting me still have the site, which has a better PageRank of 4 anyway, so I'm building that up.

I submitted the reconsideration request to Google thru Google Webmasters. I guess I could track down some Google employees email addresses like I did before and contact them...

But I'm still so into Mastering Search Advertising: How the Top 3% of Search Advertisers Dominate Google AdWords right now, that that's my focus.

Thanks for checking, I'll keep posting...
Arznei said…
I did an reinclusion request about one year ago. It took about 2 month to get back into the index.
DesignsDelight said…
Paula what were you doing with a wp automatic and generating hundreds of posts per hour?

If you use wp-automatic you need a complementary plugin called uniquifier plugin

But that is too black hat for me.
Rico said…
The same has been happened to me, but googl indexed my page again, coz it was their false. but i wated for 4 month. it really hurts.
Mike said…
Too bad, but I am pretty sure your site will be indexed again. Just give it time.
Designsdelight said…

Paula I am reading Winning with Google Adworks and on the first chapter says that Google targets those sites which show past clips on episodes for unindexing.

He thinks it is a bit unethical because they compete with google products like youtube.

Anyway look into it.

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