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$17,291.16 made writing online from January to March 2010 - Thank God for!

I just went through my PayPal and checking accounts to see how the 1st quarter of 2010 has turned out money-wise with this writing online business.

Wow, I said out loud when I summed up the below totals to see that I've taken in $17,291.16 from January 1 thru March 31, 2010, from the below sources.

As you can see, most of it comes from -- so stay tuned and follow my blog for more tips about getting traffic. Gotta jet.

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02/24/10AMAZON DECEMBER 2009 USA EARNINGS$1,926.19 03/29/10AMAZON USA JANUARY 2010 EARNINGS$277.68 01/27/10amazon usa november 2009 earnings$1,864.88 TOTAL:


01/04/10KONTERA$242.22 02/03/10KONTERA$257.05 03/01/10KONTERA$117.25 TOTAL:

01/18/10LINKSHARE$13.55 03/05/10LINKSHARE$15.52 02/…

YouTube says Viacom posted their own copyrighted videos, then demanded take down

YouTube says Viacom posted their own copyrighted videos, then demanded take downThis fight between YouTube and Viacom is just crazy.Youtube says Viacom had at least 18 of their own employees posting videos of their own Viacom content -- MTV and the like, I presume -- and even go so far as use Kinko's computers so they couldn't be traced back to Viacom, and "roughing them up" so they looked like regular user's videos.Then Viacom demanded YouTube take them down.And when YouTube took some of them down, YouTube says Viacom "sheepishly" asked for them to be put back up, because they liked the promo.Weird, weird, weird...

Facebook beats Google in web traffic -- and FB's targeted ads are better, too!

Facebook beats Google in web traffic -- and FB's targeted ads are better, too! I just read this CNN piece about Facebook beating Google in traffic.I'd say Facebook's ads have it all over Google's Adwords, too.I tried an experiment with Google Adwords.I wanted IP-specific ad targeting (anyone know a site that can actually do that?), that is, if you know the IP address of the building you want to target -- oh, let's just say out of the air, Random House, ;-) and you want to display ads to only those peeps working in that building, I couldn't find a way to do it with Adwords.Adwords does pitch their custom GEO-targeting however, but even putting in a specific address and putting in various circumferences of down to 1 mile or more, even though they recommend higher minimums, still didn't get me people in that area.I could tell from my stats that the people I pitched with Adwords ads came from places other than New York.Facebook ads, however, they…

How I made $993.76 from last month, February 2010

▷▷▷▷▷▷▷Correction: paid me $1,212.76 for February 2010 writing online earnings - Renegade ways to get traffic hits online | PAULA NEAL MOONEY Today being March 1, 2010, it was a good day to shore up accounts and see what I can expect to come in from soon.

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Turns out the month of February 2010 brought in a combined $993.76 across my three pages:

The National Christian TV page...

The National Christian Music page...

The Cleveland Pop Culture page...

What's even more interesting it the break-down of the Top 10 most-viewed articles across my pages, as copied below from my Google Analytics info.

As you can see, Super Bowl was a boon to me and plenty of other online writers, no doubt.

Though I've pulled back from writing like a madwoman this year, Super Bowl Sunday did find me putting up a lot of articles and taking advantage of the fact that people jus…