Facebook beats Google in web traffic -- and FB's targeted ads are better, too!

Facebook beats Google in web traffic -- and FB's targeted ads are better, too!

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I just read this CNN piece about Facebook beating Google in traffic.

I'd say Facebook's ads have it all over Google's Adwords, too.

I tried an experiment with Google Adwords.

I wanted IP-specific ad targeting (anyone know a site that can actually do that?), that is, if you know the IP address of the building you want to target -- oh, let's just say out of the air, Random House, ;-) and you want to display ads to only those peeps working in that building, I couldn't find a way to do it with Adwords.

Adwords does pitch their custom GEO-targeting however, but even putting in a specific address and putting in various circumferences of down to 1 mile or more, even though they recommend higher minimums, still didn't get me people in that area.

I could tell from my StatCounter.com stats that the people I pitched with Adwords ads came from places other than New York.

Facebook ads, however, they've got it all over Google Adwords!

At least they collect data such as workplaces and such -- so folks can target who they want.

And my StatCounter code showed me that the FB ads were actually doing the job and pitching the people I targeted.

No wonder people spent like 300 billion or some crazy number last year on FB ads, throwing the money at the people who make it happen the right way.

And throwing the advertising funds toward the people that are on the FB site!


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