How I made $993.76 from last month, February 2010

▷▷▷▷▷▷▷Correction: paid me $1,212.76 for February 2010 writing online earnings - Renegade ways to get traffic hits online | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

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Today being March 1, 2010, it was a good day to shore up accounts and see what I can expect to come in from soon.

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Turns out the month of February 2010 brought in a combined $993.76 across my three pages:

The National Christian TV page...

The National Christian Music page...

The Cleveland Pop Culture page...

What's even more interesting it the break-down of the Top 10 most-viewed articles across my pages, as copied below from my Google Analytics info.

As you can see, Super Bowl was a boon to me and plenty of other online writers, no doubt.

Though I've pulled back from writing like a madwoman this year, Super Bowl Sunday did find me putting up a lot of articles and taking advantage of the fact that people just love watching commercials on TV. Thusly, my Christian TV page brought in around $500 of the monthly income, and the Cleveland Pop Culture was responsible for bringing in the other approximately $500 to make up the total. (The music page only brought in 8 bucks for the month.)

So the $993.76 from Examiner is still a great addition to the $756 that Google Adsense brought in across the personal websites that I have Adsense loaded on -- though I haven't written a ton of stuff on those either, save for tracking scams and warning folks on

With Examiner, it seems like it's not necessarily as easy to get those sweet Google News spots that were easy to gain back in September 2009 when I first joined, but hitting a good topic (with a nice long video for folks to watch) and good timing and favor from the Lord can find some great pageviews sometimes.

You never know what's going to really hit with readers. Who knew that writing an article about a Doritos commercial would end up being my most-viewed post last month?

Post Title Pageviews Uniques Time on Page
1  Doritos Super Bowl commercial video with little boy slapping his black single mom's date          19,548          16,594 0:02:38
2  Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial ad: Watch YouTube video here, which doesn't say abortion or pro-life          17,176          15,187 0:03:20
3  Oprah, Leno, Letterman Super Bowl commercial video surprises viewers          16,703          15,376 0:02:04
4  LeBron James 2010 Super Bowl commercial (full video) with Dwight Howard            4,557            4,172 0:02:56
5  Drew Brees: 'God is great' video, plus one of Brees talking about accepting Jesus Christ            4,455            3,988 0:02:53
6  Pregnant Keyshia Cole rushed to Cleveland Clinic for 'false alarm'            2,046            1,828 0:01:53
7  No 'I Can Do Bad All by Myself' movie soundtrack: Tyler Perry says only individual songs for sale            1,499            1,350 0:03:23
8  Michael Oher's 'The Blind Side' true story in 20/20 videos: Why some blacks won't see movie            1,448            1,353 0:03:08
9  Jay-Z's "Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church ends" lyrics bring questions from fans            1,444            1,357 0:06:41
10  Dr. Oz show: Watch new Dr. Oz show videos after season premiere September 14, 2009            1,310            1,159 0:01:55

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Heru Kurniawan said…
I never heard about
congratulation..I can learn from you.
Eric said…

I hope to earn that kind of income from my sites one day.
Lisa Marie Mary said…
Wow! That's really awesome to hear! I've often wondered what kind of money people are making writing for the Examiner. Thank you for being so transparent with us about your earnings! :) said…

Is there a way to do key word searches within a state? In other words is there a way to see what key words people are interested in within the state of Arizona?

Thanks for all your help. Gil
jpbrooks said…
Blogging involves writing, (and writing, and writing, ...). Right? Well for me, writing is not something that I (personally) can do without a great deal of concentration, contemplation, and revision. Despite having been born here in the U.S.A., where english is (supposed to be) our primary language, I learned very little, unfortunately, about how to express ideas of any significance in english. Therefore, I can greatly appreciate the candor on the part of bloggers who feel free and open enough to share the events of their lives with their readers. Through their openness, I am beginning to get a clearer general idea of what life as a writer might involve.
I'm a little confused because I also write for and the pay schedule is handled in such a way that we will not receive payment until the 20th of March for the month of February.

Perhaps you are basing this on your stat counter for the "last month." Whatever the case it seems only fair to let people know the facts about how pays.

It is somewhat unusual for a person to make almost $1,000 a month and as a fellow Christian it seems misleading to make it appear to be the norm.

That would require getting nearly 100,000 hits or something close to that with the algorithm they use. By anyone's standards that is a lot of readers.

While I am sure it is possible to make more money then I am currently earning the "average" person writing for will not see this kind of revenue.

My two columns are well read but if I earn the $25 cap required to receive payment I've had a good month.

Perhaps you could write a post that further explains how you are doing this. Many of us are struggling there and would like to earn more.
Hi Melinda -

Yes, we just got paid our February 2010 monies from on Saturday, March 20, 2010.

And thank the Most High God, I actually received more than I anticipated. (Writing a post on that soon to correct this one.)

But before the money came in, I just went to all of my channels and selected the "Current Month" drop down tab to figure out how much to expect.

Plus, I'm about to write a post about the "renegade" ways I get traffic, so hope it helps.
Gil at -

I don't really know of a way to find keyword searches within a state.

When I'm looking for what's going on in Cleveland or just Ohio in general, I'll type in the city name or state name in Google News and sort by latest date.

I don't think's keyword tool nor Google Adwords Keyword Tool has this capability, but I could be wrong.
Funride said…
Unfortunately Examiners must live in the USA or Canada :(

It really looks like a great platform for writers ;)

Take care,