Kindle 2 Release Date is Today - Amazon's Kindle 2 is Finally For Sale!

Kindle 2 Release Date is Today - Amazon's Kindle 2 is Finally For Sale!

After months of people speculating about the new Amazon Kindle 2 version, I just checked Amazon's home page and saw that the Kindle 2 is available for sale.

Pre-Order Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)

Okay, it's working now...

However, those Amazon Kindle 2 yahoo's are experiencing a minor (okay, major) glitch in that when I click on the Kindle 2 links, they show an error leading you not to the Kindle 2 page, but back to Amazon's home page.

Anyway, I'm sure they'll get the Kindle 2 page up and running soon, but in the mean time, they spell out some of the advantages of the new Kindle 2.

Like improved battery life, streamlined design and lightweight paper thin feel.

It only weighed 10 ounces before -- how much smaller can they make the Kindle 2?


I'm looking forward to this device since I felt that the first Kindle was quite a promising product, but one which had quite some ways to go. I do hope the next Kindle will be a more streamlined device. :)
I too took a look on the product. I like the features it can hold up to 1,500 e-books.
I'm ordering it now. The first kindle was ok but I feel that they've finaly targeted all the right stuff with this one. If it works like they promise it will it's gonna be my favourite piece of electronics.
Andrew said…
I started searching for prices out there, I looked on ebay and found kindles being bid up beyond the new and used prices that are on Amazon, that does not make sense to me, unless you like wasting money.
I will be putting this on my wish list for Christmas. I usually don't get expensive gifts for Christmas, although I would gladly forgo a Birthday gift to get my hands on one.

The big draw to this product for me is the use of less paper, and when you finally get around to seeing the savings from the reduced prices of the ebooks.

Thanks for the blog

k.k said…
Hi Paula, I was wondering why did you not write anything regarding Sony's Reader Daily (latest digital reader)? I mean, this device looks more promising than Kindle 2.
You did a great job for Amazon's Kindle 2.
Hey K.K. - I haven't read a whole lot about the Sony Reader. Still don't have a Kindle yet. Maybe someday I'll pick one up
Mmfh said…
I'm a loyal Kindle 2 owner and have found myself bragging about my new toys quite a bit lately.

I did my research before buying and found the Kindle to be the best. I just couldn't get over the wireless. It holds a ton of books, which I can load without a computer, even sitting on the beach. Its nice to hold and look at and I think a fair deal for the money.

I Love my Kindle 2


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