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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Made Money with Google Shadow? Google Shadow users, let me know how much money you've made...

Google Shadow is a new program that reportedly helps people set up thousands upon thousands of PPC ads promoting affiliate products to generate sales.

Since I'm all over the PPC ads these days -- I've got tons of them -- and now I'm in the process and checking them out under Google Adwords statistics in Adwords Editor to see which ones have the best performance -- I'm also intrigued by the Google Shadow guy who claims to have 30,000 ads running at a $3 to $5 revenue sale for each ad monthly.

This stuff is fascinating me.

So if you bought Google Shadow and post your income online, please hit me up with a comment.



Glen said...

This smells like the Google Money Tree to me. Went looking for information on it and there is very little becasue it is so new, but here is an interesting blog post that I found. http://tactictester.com/google-shadow-review-crap/

I am testing Google Adwords for one of my new blogs if you are not careful Adwords will cost you way more than you make especially if your ad is for a popular product.

Camera Equipment Leasing said...

It seems as if there might be some blackhat techniques involved with the Google Shadow program, but would be very interested to hear the experiences of others.

Like Glen said, a poorly run Adwords campaign can put you in the RED very quickly!

Low Carb said...

I thibk that you already have the formula for success with PPC with your Amazon sales. This Google shadow sounds to good to be true.

Kofi Bofah said...


Your stuff always pops up on AC and I read your old work over there.

How come you haven't put up anything on the AC side in a while?

Let me know what's up either in blog world or via AC. It is pretty easy to find me...

Setai Miami said...

Google Shadow sounds too good to be true but then again it is google so I think they know what they're doing. I was thinking about becoming a user for some time now, so I hope that you post your experience with it.

Bob Thompson said...

Thanks for introducing to the readers the concept of Google shadow.I then went on looking for some more stuff on the same topic and i was thrilled with the idea of making money through it.

VA Home Loan said...

Very interesting. I would like to read more about this fellow with 30k ads. Thanks for sharing, I am off to do my own research.

Coffee Daily said...

Great way to make money .
I hope i can learn from your several blog , to make money

God bless you

Affiliate Max said...

If you want good advice on adwords get Perry Marshall's ebook or even the help pages at Gogole Adwords.
As for Shadow I agree with the review in the link posted by Glen [http://tactictester.com/google-shadow-review-crap/] !

Paula Neal Mooney