Unbanned by Digg: Jesus Set the Captives Free...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Well, glory hallelujah!

The DiggNation has a soul.

Or, maybe they've fixed a banning glitch.

Or maybe the Digg head honchos were worried about their growing bad reputation that could be thwarting buyout hopes.

Whatever the reason, I found out today via John Chow's blog that he'd been unbanned by Digg.

I tried to Digg my "Is the Secret Anti-Christian" post and lo and behold, I found out they unbanned me, too.


The good news is that more high-profile folks like Neil Patel are giving me that great link love 'cause they are posting about my original "I Was Banned from Digg.com" piece...

...leading them to my "All the DiggNation's Men" post as well.

Just reminds me of Joseph's brothers who threw him in a pit, only to have him rise to be a ruler over them later. But he didn't gloat, and neither am I.

"My brothers," Joseph said as they stood sheepishly before him, "do I stand in the place of God?"

Also reminds me of another great resurrection history lesson: When those evil people tried to bury Christ in the grave. That didn't quite hold my Lord, either...

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paul said…
How funny about Solomon...are you PK that did not learn a THING like me?

Seriously I leave comments versus email because they stay forever and I am TOTALLY stealing your big long comment line thingy!

Even more serious, one of the greatest lessons in my life was a CD set I listened to as I was a sales guy driving around in Phoenix called Song Of Solomon by Tommy Nelson....AWESOME, the BEST thing that every boy or man...or anyone actually should hear. Ok thats enough for one comment! http://www.tommynelsononline.com/Default.asp
Thanks, Paul.

Yes, I love when folks leave comments more than emails!

But seeing as though I had to blink a few times to remember that PK stands for "preacher's kid" -- that should tell everyone that no, I was not.

Thank the Lord that my lovely parents came to Jesus at varying slipping and sliding points in their lives and prayed my sister Amber and I into the Kingdom as we came to our slipping-and-sliding senses.

And thanks for the link...

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