I Was Banned from Digg.com

by Paula Neal Mooney

Well, you've probably found me 'cause you read Neil Patel's story about me getting unbanned from Digg.

John Chow was unbanned too! Hurray!

As Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes."

Anyway, here's how the saga unfolded months ago:

Quick...Digg my Orble post about this on Digg before it mysteriously disappears...

Never mind -- the DiggNation banned that URL too!

Just before I added these cool Digg This Story buttons to my posts, around the same time Kevin Rose went on his drunken podcast spill about the iPhone, I started getting this error message when I tried to Digg my blog posts:

This URL has been reported by users and cannot be submitted at this time.

This URL has been reported by users and cannot be submitted at this time.

This URL has been reported by users and cannot be submitted at this time.

This URL has been reported by users and cannot be submitted at this time.

What the heck is up with Digg, I wondered.

I thought maybe we'd broken something when my hubby restored our PC this weekend.

Then when I finally Googled (sorry, guys, it's a verb now...get used to it) the "This URL has been reported by users and cannot be submitted at this time" error message, I found that a handful of other people have written about being banned by Digg.

So most likely Digg thinks I'm a splog, or spam blog, as it were.

Yeah, so the code I added to my template that automatically Digged my stories confused me at first. Sure there are a couple of duplicate posts out there. I hope that's all it is.

I hope the free DiggNation folks are no way banning me because of the crack I made about Democrats paying a bunch of kids to sit in a room and Digg certain articles all the way to the front page (which I heard is the God's honest truth...but maybe they didn't say Dems, maybe Liberals, but it's the same in my mind) in my How to Get on the Front Page of Digg post.

I pray the user-generated DiggNation will not become like Big Brother, and I don't mean the reality TV show, I mean the one in 1984. We'll see.

Thanks to my fellow techies, I got the idea to post this same stuff elsewhere then Digg those page instead.

Read this before it disappears...

Big Brother Kevin is watching...and burping...and leaking...

Bookmark me at http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/ and drop back in to see what I'm up to next. Blessings and love, Paula




Konstantin said…
Digg is really hate their users. actually, I don't understand digg's rules about 3 articles submission - after - ban!?
Jeremy Hobbs said…
Did you get unbanned? How did you go about doing so?
j.rock said…
my site got banned too. i think there are users woho are fond of burying stories.
Artie said…
That's crazy, I didn't even know you could get banned from digg. Have you had any problems since being reinstated.
Beth Carmen said…
Hi Paula have they given you an explanation or are they willing to talk to you about it? This is so unfair, just because your popular?? Isn't that the whole idea? Sites being automatically buried is bad news. I don't think that Digg will continue to be as popular if they manipulate, no matter how big they are.
Nope; never got an explanation.

And to be fair to Digg, I never asked for one or contacted them.

Oh well, God will always make all the crooked paths straight...
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