The Strides of March

by Paula Neal Mooney

Why do we wait all year to make New Year's resolutions?

Since tomorrow begins a new month, it's a good time to think about what we want to accomplish in March.

Here are my "Strides of March" new month's resolutions:

1 - Buy my own dot com
It's time. Whether it's for this blog or a new site, a nice and memorable dot com domain will be mine this month of awakenings.

2 - Begin a niche blog
I said I wouldn't do it.

I loudly proclaimed:

"I'm the Blog Brand I Want!"

"I'm the niche!"

And I still am, but my subscribers and pageviews are growing slower than I'd like.

Plus, there's this missing niche stirring around in my soul that I know will be a hit.

As soon as I'm released to do it, I will see how the niche blog fares with subscribers and such.

3 - Learn WordPress
Ever since Mario Walker set me up with a to play around with, I've played a little.

Now I'm ready to move on to another level.

In March I declare that I will set up my new niche blog on WordPress and learn all those nifty plug-ins that people blog about.

Plus, I want to see if it's a lie that WP blogs don't get good Google juice rankings (since Google owns Blogger) and whether or not there's an issue with advertising code on WP like I've been told.

4 - Finish putting microbraids in my hair
Summer is coming.

I must braid the last half of my hair with teeny-tiny microbraids so I can run on the beach with ocean-soaked locks like Bo Derek in 10.

5 - Gather up my writing income and donations...
...from 2006, and finally give the numbers to my hubby to plop into TurboTax.

Then sit back and wait for the fat refund to roll in.

Ah...I'm looking forward to March.

What are your March resolutions?

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Jose said…
Hi Paula,

Nice "new months resolutions". Brand You is the best brand you can promote!

Now that you're stepping up to WordPress, does this mean I have to take off of my blogroll?

Happy March,
Laura said…
WordPress is pretty easy and you'll like having your own domain name. I got everything I needed through BlueHost, which has excellent support services.

I'm not sure niche blogging is the answer either. Look at John Chow Dot Com -- he has no niche and he's popular.

If you want to go the niche route that's okay too, but I wouldn't abandon what you've done here because it's good and valued.

You might find it funny that I've been thinking of adding a generalist blog to say all the things I can't say in my niche blog because they'd be off-topic.

Let me know when your url changes so I can update my blogroll.
Jose said…
Hi Laura,

My blog, Tried It Myself!, is more of a generalist blog. I'm finding that when I sign up to participate in services like they categorize in a more niche centric manner, and I find it difficult to place this blog in a particular category.

I like my current blog, but I also have plans to start a couple more niche blogs as well.

Hey Jose and Laura -

Yes, don't worry.

You can leave my blog on your blogroll. I'm not abandoning it anytime soon -- Lord willing.

And any dot com I buy, I'll figure out how to do a redirect so the change will be invisible to you guys.

I CANNOT lose all this ranking and great backlinks!

Jahmodi said…
I think a domain name will be a good move,I am thinking about getting one myself,however wordpress seems to be good.
Paul said…
1.THANKS PAULA...Great idea for a blog. I am going to try to list all of the domain names that I have owned in the past! I bet i've had 50!

2. I would do it in 'addition' to what you already do. I honestly think no one cares the name if you can get know that. But I have just started a few niche WITH my own domain!!!

Missing niche? Hmmmmmmmmmm

3. Learn WordPress
Me sick of blogger. 7 years now.

4. Me too, I want a body like Bo Derek.

5. Gather up my writing income and donations from just one month of the latter part of 2007 and buy a new Lexus.

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