Launches: I'm the Blog Brand I Want

by Paula Neal Mooney

Atoosa Rubenstein has launched her much-awaited site,

Who is Atoosa and what's the big deal about her lauching That's the same thing I wondered when I saw her mentioned in MediaBistro today, smarting that Atoosa has close to 44,000 MySpace friends. No doubt will have a ton more readers than that.

Basically everthing I've read thus far about this 35-year-old former editor-in-chief of Seventeen (a job she left to follow her bliss and focus on her web business!) and creator of CosmoGIRL! has me nodding my head in agreement that the next Oprah won't be birthed on TV, but on the web.'s launch has confirmed my own decision not to write a niche blog -- a blog focused tightly on one central topic -- though many folks have found success doing that.

But me? I'm interested in too many topics to write singularly, and I don't want to segment my traffic into a bunch of little blogs. Besides, it's the writer vessel -- like will prove -- that's the brand.

I'm the niche. I'm the blog I want! With God running His Hand thru every pixel in each one of our posts...

Just reading a few of Atoosa's MySpace blog posts like "Find Motivation!" and "Only U Know What You're Capable Of" had me fired up and happy that I registered to, which for now is just kicking butts and taking names (and email addresses).

And if can grab the 1.25 million plus readers that Atoosa grabbed for CosmoGIRL! -- a concept birthed in her within 48 hours, I'll continue to keep a close eye on!

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KWiz said…
I love this post, particularly when you wrote, "I'm the niche"! I'm a newbie (I started in Nov. 2006), and am sort of fumbling my way through. That was an encouraging statement. Now, the question becomes, "How do I become the niche?" You answered it, though. Being led by God, that's how. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration.
Martin said…
I think your "I'm the niche" comment has the potential of becoming a blog staple. That's a branding sounding type of theme to me. Well said.
kystorms said…
I have to agree with Martin on this one, keep this happy and Spirit lead info coming , you are blessed and bless us with this information you share each day.
Well, I'm grateful for inspiring people like y'all that read my stuff!

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