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March 14, 2007 Update:
No more free link love!

Please see my sidebar to order a review from this blog from this day forth. Thank you all for participating!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Link love is important.

I'm all about the link love.

Getting links from other blogs back to your blog gives your blog more authority.

Giving links to other blogs that don't have as much authority as your blog is also good will.

Here are a couple of ways to give and get link love:

1 - Review John Chow's blog.
John Chow is a cool and popular blogger who's not shy about giving and getting the link love.

He's got a blog review thing going that you might want to join, since he's ranked 259 on Technorati as of this writing.

John's gonna crack the Top 100 real soon, I predict.

Check out the details from John's latest post.

2 - Review Paula Mooney's blog.
Okay, so I'm not at John's rankings yet, but today -- thank you, Father in heaven -- my blog is ranked 3,041 on Technorati.

Just look at my backlinks sorted by blogs with the most authority giving me link love to see how they've helped my rankings.

Since I'm Daniel-san to John-Chow-the-blogging-master, I'm gonna bite off his idea.

And even though Paul called me a "link whore" in the best possible way yesterday, I'm not doing what the above image describes!

However, if you review my blog, email cpmooney@aol.com and include the URL of your blog post linking to my home page.

Then I'll include a link to your blog post in an upcoming post on my blog.

The Good, the Bad and...the Not-too-Ugly?
Feel free to pass along in your post what you like about my blog, what works for you.

But don't be shy to spell out what you don't like.

Honest criticism from my blogging buddies Bonnie, Rory and Keith Tipton inspired me to redesign my whole blog yesterday.

I had to stuff any knee-jerking defensiveness to realize they were so right, respectively, about:
  • My blog's crazily cluttered header *snort*
  • Not knowing what the name of my blog was!
  • Too many ads -- making the content hard to read

(Don't worry Martin, I'll put another pic in the header soon... and I see your link love is already kicking in for your blog on Technorati!)

And now, a warning...
Be warned, while this will probably improve your Technorati ranking, I don't know what it will do to your blog's Google Pagerank.

I'm trying like the dickens to get mine off of a Pagerank of 3.

Andy Beard says my low pagerank is from link leakage like my blogroll, which I'd temporarily killed then reinstated.

Maybe he's right.

Time will tell...

But I just can't stop giving and receiving this great link love!

What do you guys think about my blog's new look?

Either comment, or write it up in a post!

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Laura said…

The new look is classy. More subdued, but still you. I have to admit, in the old design when the ad was covering the header banner it did bother me just a little bit.

I do wonder about the ads being on the right side, though. Isn't the left side supposed to be the "hot" side for ads?

Hang in there! You're clearly doing a lot right. I really appreciate your outspokenness and honesty too.

I'm still mulling over the tagging from a few days ago, but I will get to it.
Rory said…
It needs strong character to take criticism from complete strangers, Paula. From here, it looks like you're demonstrating that by the bucket-load.

Thank you so much for the link - it is so kind.
Jose said…
Hi Paula,

Link love is always a good thing!

I like your new look, and the header is an improvement. I'm sure when you find the right image the header it will be even better.

Take care,
paul said…
Heyyyy, linkwhore was used from the bottom of my heart!
kystorms said…
Very nicely done Paula :-) The new design is really easy on the eyes! I think that the best thing you have done is open up your blog for others to follow and copy shamelessly as I do :-) I will be getting to your tag for me , the topic is harder than I had originally thought to deal with.
Martin Lindsey. said…
Thanks Paula. I'm learnin', I'm learnin...and I'm likin' it. In honor of Bootsy Collins I dub thee "Blogzilla!" with 100,000 kilowatts of P-Blog power.

Yeah, my ranking jumped me from the 2 millions to the 1 millions. Am I making progress or what?

More link love for everybody!!!
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Very, very cool...I love the new look...I knew you could do it...Blog on girlfriend!
zaki said…
Great great concept...I like it....
I'm doing the review now ....
ilker said…
Your blog looks cleaner now I guess but in any case, I read you from the RSS ;)
mslatinarenee said…

I just looked over your site, here's the review.
Hey Zaki - Got your review! Yours is coming...

Ilker, I'm grateful you read me at all... ;-)

Hey MsLatinaRenee -

Thank you so much for reviewing my blog!

Now I gotta look into my color theme.

Anyhoo, I'm putting you on my growing list of blogs to review.

Check for it in the coming week. And please subscribe if you haven't already.

Take care,

Zaw Wai said…
Hi I have reviewed yr blog at -

Got it, Zaw Wai -- Thanks!

Okay, you're like #6 on my growing list.

Make sure to subscribe to my blog so you won't miss your review.

mslatinarenee said…
Hey Paula, yes I'm already subscribed. You may not have noticed the private email address, that I haven't made public. -:)

Do you have any experience with posting from Writely? I am trying to find out if this creates a backlink from Google.

It seems nobody has an answer. Join my community at mybloglog. Hey I will mention you in one of my blogs. Looks like your traffic ideas are working.

Did you do the John Chow review?

Be Well
I think I just left you a comment, The Digital Nomad, on your blog...

Please enable your blogger profile! I had to hunt you down to find you.

And no, I don't know about Writely, but maybe I'll investigate any links back from Google.

And yeah, I did a review of John Chow's blog at Paula Mooney: John Chow Visited my Blog!

Have you done one yet?

Guess I'd better read your post, heh?

black hattitude said…
How sad...I wanted a link love

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