John Chow Visited my Blog!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Yesterday I left a comment on John Chow's blog at John Chow dot Com, and whilst in the comment approval process no doubt, John Chow stopped over a my blog!

I was so ecstatic that I saved a screenshot as proof. I had barely heard of him till Mario Walker led me to John's biggest Google Whores post.

If you don't know who John Chow is, let me explain. Dubbed a "dot com mogul," John Chow is a rising superstar in the world of blogging for the love of it (and the bucks have followed) and much more.

Here are ten great things about John Chow's blog:

1 - John Chow just monetized his blog back in September, and five short months later he's making good money.

He actually breaks down for his readers exactly how he makes money in popular monthly recaps. Here's how he made $3,440.66 in January 2007.

2 - Chow's daily pageviews numbers are great, plus he's got close to 2,500 subscribers as of this writing.

3 - But even with all that activity -- perhaps the reason why he has all that activity -- John responds to his comments and is active with his readers.

4 - His blog is clean with an uncluttered look. I could learn a thing or two there...

5 - He writes clean, too -- in a nice and simple straight-forward language that escapes plenty of other techies that post unclear tips in techno-speak.

6 - John's got cool tabs at the top of his site that organize his posts into helpful categories. In these posts you can learn that he's always tweaking his format and revenue streams to see what works best.

7 - The race car pics in the header. Come on!

Those just speak to dot com moguls around the world. Even my 5-year-old son loved them.

8 - He's got WordPress plugins up the wazoo. Want one of those "notify me of follow-up comments" check boxes? Read this post.

This tip of course, will only help me when I actually start playing around with the that Mario set up for me.

9 - Like me, John Chow was also Banned from -- I feel united in some sort of we're-doing-better-since-they-banned-us club. (I see he's still banned 'cause I just tried to Digg one of his latest posts.)

10 - He's my new guru. We all need a dot com mogul to show us the way. I will follow you. Just call me Daniel-san...

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John Chow said…
Hey. Thanks for the post and kind comments! You're going to give me a big head! :)
Laura said…
Yeah, I have got to check him out. I read about him over on Problogger and made a mental note then to find out more. Thanks for reminding me. He's obviously one to follow.
Martin Lindsey said…
Why were you guys banned from Digg? I just signed up with them last night. Didn't know you could get booted from a community. Gee, I wanna be like you and John, LOL
Wow! John Chow came back!

Guess those Google alerts on your name must be working. Or, Technorati link checkage...

Yes, Laura. Check out John's site. I'm learning a lot.

And Martin, here's my whole wonderful story behind why Digg banned me. It reminds me of when Joseph told his brothers that what they meant for harm, God intended for good!
zaki said… have a lots of good positive talking points about John. Great simple points you raised...Made me realize that his blog is such a great readable blog by everyone. Yours as well....
Thanks, Zaki, for your kind comments.

And yay! John Chow just linked to me thru his "review my blog and win a free link" deal.

Check it out everybody! is ranked close to 300 right now on Tecnorati!

You'd better click on the review batch #23 below link for details.

Yes, John's blog is very readable and lots of folks can relate to him.
ilker said…
Yeah John is all over the blog.. He dropped by mine as well. I bet he has several guys that read blogs and summarize them for him! =)
Yeah, I read that Darren Rowse reads 666 blogs a day!

I thought the same at first about the sport car photos in chow's header, but after reading his blog I do believe he probably owns some. Just maybe not those particular two.

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