Explode Your Blog Traffic with Explode!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Don't fret, MyBlogLog pet, but there's a new social site in town called Explode!

TechCrunch led me to this new Explode! site that lets you enter your profile, upload your pic and enter your website that other Explode! users can visit.

Here are some cool things about Explode!...

  • Explode! allows you to enter a long lists of interest in your profile. They turn to blue links when someone else has entered that same interest, allowing you to visit the person who shares your interest.

  • Explode! even provides you with a tag cloud so you can see what interests are already out there.

  • Explode! let's you add friends by clicking the little plus icon, or "un-friend" them by clicking the minus icon.

  • If you've listed your blog's site in your Explode! profile, Explode! users who click on your picture or friend request emails will be led directly to your blog, not your Explode! profile page.

  • Explode! has a nice widget (though not as cool as MyBlogLog's widget, I must say) that I've placed at the bottom of my blog. It tracks site and page counts.

  • The commet wall in Explode! takes HTML and your comments rotate on the home page of Explode!

  • Explode! seems addictive.


Michael said…
I came to Explode via Techcrunch as well and saw we have similar tags. I think it's potentially a great service and I'm glad to give it a try. Cheers!
Laura said…
Oh my goodness! How can you keep up with them both? (Have you tried spicypage (http://www.spicypage.com/)?) Did I already miss your feedback on it.

Personally, I'm just getting the hang of MyBlogLog. I don't know if I can keep up with another one.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
God bless you for all the energy that you have to find this stuff...as it is I can barely keep my eyes open.

I'll leave all the sweeping numbers to you...LOL!
Bryan said…
That's me in the burnt orange hat and jacket in your screen shot.
Jose said…
Hi Paula, excellent find. I guess we have another meeting place? I'll see you there!

Happy Friday!

Hi Michael and Bryan - Good to meet you both!

Laura - I checked out spicypage and have gotten a whole bunch of messages thru them that I haven't read yet. Maybe I'll pick 'em up one day...

Thanks, Bonnie. I love having high energy! Don't worry, I'll keep hiping you all to the stuff I find.

Jose - I'll see you over there!


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