Kenneth Che-Tew Eng: Why I Hate Blacks Article Writer

by Paula Neal Mooney

First there was Kramer's tirade.

Now comes Kenneth Che-Tew Eng telling us "Why I Hate Blacks."

Kenneth Che-Tew Eng was a contributor to the San Francisco-based AsianWeek -- before he was suspended for writing the anti-black piece displayed below.

A self-described "Asian Supremacist," Kenneth Che-Tew Eng also wrote columns for AsianWeek titled "Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us" and "Why I Hate Asians."

(Both posted below before they pull them.)

And now editors of "The Voice of Asian America" weekly have apologized.

AsianWeek's editor-at-large Ted Fang and editor-in-chief Samson Wong were feeling plenty of heat for running Kenneth Eng's so-inane-it-would-be-laughable-if-Eng-didn't-really-believe-it-immature-essay.

I just feel sorry for all the Kenneth Engs out there being mistaken for the racist essayist.

But I can partially see where Kenneth Che-Tew Eng's anger is coming from.

My Chinese friend was called a "chink" in her Northern California, mostly white, hometown.

And remember Mickey Rooney's portrayal of an Asian landlord in Breakfast at Tiffany's?

When Bruce Lee saw that film, it made him really sad.

Kenneth Che-Tew Eng is young, in his early 20s.

He's got lots of living and maturing to do.

The backlash from his writing will probably help him do it.


But I do agree with Kenneth Che-Tew Eng about Asian men not being cast often enough as leads, especially romantic leads.

"Asian men aren't sexy," said my one Korean coworker, married to a Korean man.

Sounded like some of the same self-hatred blacks ascribe to.

Not until I saw beautiful Tony Leung in The Lover did I realize the dearth of roles like that.

Once again, instead of violence coming to Kenneth Eng, I pray he uses this lesson in losing his writing job as a turning point.

Hate only begets hate.

Time to try love, Mr. Eng.

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Why I Hate Asians
by Kenneth Eng
Jan 12, 2007

It seems like an odd title for an article written by an Asian Supremacist, but there are very good reasons why I hate many of my own kind.

The first thing I hate about Asians in America is how so many of them want to suck up to whites. I have had fistfights and verbal altercations with many who discriminated against me and my people.

Sadly, however, the Asians who witness or hear about these battles often hate me for being "hypocritical," and tell me that "two wrongs don’t make a right."

Do these sycophants think it’s "cool" to mindlessly side with whites and blacks? Is it not enough that we have to fight against discrimination? Now we have to fight amongst ourselves as well?

The second thing I hate about Asians is how little pride most of them have. This may be the result of societal brainwashing, but whatever the cause, it must stop. I am repulsed when I see Asian guys speak with British accents in an attempt to sound sophisticated.

British people can’t be all that sophisticated if they don’t yet understand the concept of dental hygiene. I am also sickened when I hear Asian people imitate Negro slang in an endeavor to sound "ghetto."

Am I supposed to be impressed that such a person emulates the attitude of a supposed slum resident? More importantly, whatever happened to being yourself?

The third thing I hate about Asians is how apathetic many of them are in terms of honor these days. If I saw an Asian being stereotyped in a movie theater, I would immediately stand up and shout incessantly at the screen so that none of the white audience members could enjoy the film.

When I saw a white man yelling at an old Asian woman a few months ago, I walked up to him and hollered slurs right back in his Aryan face. But most other Asians, I am disappointed to say, would rather just chuckle at their own stereotypes on screen and ignore the problems of their brethren.

At the risk of sounding corny, whatever happened to the days of the samurai? When honor meant more than life? Whatever happened to the age of Sun Tzu when we used to kick ass?

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Asian race, but every race has its inferiors.

Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us
by Kenneth Eng
Nov 24, 2006

White people hate us and will always hate us. Here is a simple list of evidence, going from the most obvious down to the least obvious:

How many American films feature Asian heroes who are not stereotyped?

If someone makes a negative comment about a black person, all of the whites get hopping mad. Make a negative comment about the Asian race and nobody cares.

Most Asians know that everywhere we go, white/black/Hispanic people hurl racist remarks at us. I have already received about 10 racist remarks in the past three months and I have only been out of my home a handful of times.

In 1982, Vincent Chin was killed by two white people, Michael Nitz and Ronald Ebens. Both murderers went free, as the judge claimed that they were not the type of people who deserved to be in prison.

Chai Vang righteously killed six white people after they approached him with guns first. Unlike the “men” who murdered Vincent Chin, brave Mr. Vang was sentenced to life.

Asian civil rights activities receive virtually no media attention. Yet Rosa Parks was pretty much honored as a hero just because she refused to give up her seat. This is curious because Vincent Chin died to defend his race. Why hasn’t he been given an award?

It is quite naïve to think that all of this can be explained by claiming that whites are not “enlightened” or that whites lack awareness of our issues. It is even more immature to think that things will get better if only we continue to protest peacefully through lame marches and letters to the producers of (insert any American TV show here).

Animals, through evolution, are intrinsically developed to detest organisms that are different; the obvious reason being that conformity to a certain level increases the chances of a species’ survival. Since humans are part of the animal kingdom, it should be no surprise that whites have evolved to hate Asians, who have a strikingly different appearance than them.

Furthermore, we do live in an age where “political correctness” and anti-racism are in vogue. Why then, are there virtually no Asian heroes in the media? This is solid proof that we are enemies in the eyes of the Aryans. If even in an epoch where equality is an important matter they still do not treat us as equals, then what hope is there that they will ever treat us equally?

More importantly, why should we care? We vastly outnumber them. When you have a disobedient child, you do not give him gifts to make him abide to your will. You show him the cane.

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Sarah said…
Hello, Ken Watanabe. Asian men really are sexy sometimes. Also, Chow Yun-Fat is as well. Small point, yes, but I'm just passing through.
paul said…
Why Stupid People Ruin It for us a little less Stupid.
by Paul Hunter

That is all I am going to say about this idiot.
paul said…
and your gonna laugh at my new post! at least I hope you do!!! ;)
Daniel Jack Williamson said…
I spent a year teaching English in South Korea. Yes, racism stubbornly persists in America, but I venture to say that racism is even more pronounced in other countries around the globe than it is here.
I guess I'm glad you posted this, but I kind of wish I hadn't allowed this guy's nasty mind-set to enter my consciousness.

A new enthusiast of The Secret, I determined while reading this that this young man attracts most of this hatred into his immediate world.

I'm glad he got fired. He needs a time-out to think about his nasty, inner rat nest. After all, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. And one of Eng's own pieces is titled in agreement.

As he grows older, he'll hopefully mellow and realize that if he stops giving so much attitude, people may actually respond with tons of love.
paul said…
By the way that movie "The Lover" is one of the HOTTEST movies I have every seen...WOW, I remember that one!
Manchild said…
Hello Paula,

Great post!! As a socially conscious writer and image-maker, one learns to respect the power of the written word and visual images. With power comes responsibility. As kween.kon stated, the damage is already done. So, where do we go from here?

Mr. Eng's article had to get the "stamp of approval" from quite a few of the newspapers editors and managers "before" Eng's derogatory words got published. They are just as guilty and should be held accountable for authorizing this article.
Yeah Sarah, I agree. That's why we shouldn't be able to name all the sexy Asian leading movie stars on one hand.

Like, if I asked you to name all the sex white male actors, the list would be too long!

We could always use more Asian and black male leads!

Paul -- whoops, almost typed my name there! Your post was a trip. But I like it when folks are honest.

And The Lover was a trip.

I've heard that, Daniel, but I hope I would be well-received in other countries, no matter my color. We shall see some day...

Kween, that's exactly what I was thinking!

Kenneth Eng must be expecting hate and therefore he's getting a lot of it back!

But I wonder what happened in Eng's childhood to make him so angry?

There's the real story...

Manchild (in the Promised Land!) - You're so right!

The tripped-out thing is that I remember AsianWeek was all up in arms over the publicity pics for that segregated survivor cause they didn't like the fact that all the Asians were on their knees!

Funny how that sensitivity slipped their minds when approving a "Why I Hate Blacks" piece.

But I'm glad they apologized, and since Jesus forgave us all for more horrible stuff, I hope the AsianWeek folks receive forgiveness too...
Why, he's the god of the universe, of course!

A Black Muse said…
So, we're hatin' on each other now? I didn't get that memo! Dag, and all my life I've been lovin them, they've been lovin me. A sistah should be told!
I was curious to know how a person with an education could come to such idiotic conclusions so I looked up some of his other writings and it's crap, along with his claim of being the youngest published sci-fi author in the US at age 20. I suspect plagerism in the instances where his words rise above the excremental.
But seriously, I think the kid's got ISSUES and the problems he's encountered were brought on by his own actions. According to him, Hitler was admirable, suicide is fine if you're a loser, and only morons believe in God. He goes around shouting this bilge from the hilltop and wonders why people wanna knock him off it. "Oh, I'm SO oppressed!" he whines, "This is supposed to be the land of free speech!" while depriving the rights of those who disagree. He seems awful lazy to me. Why bother learning the truth when you can dismiss everyone as inferior? Why bother being decent when you can elicit a greater reaction being a jerk and whine, "Oh, they don't like me cause I'm Asian."
I'm not really bothered by the ravings of this ignorant asshat. I was more interested in knowing how
As I figured, most of the Asian community was digusted and suspect the few posts who agreed with him were posted by Eng himself. And people wonder why we have a Black History month?
Still it makes me wonder if someone, somewhere is sitting in a really expensive chair(or hooded robe), smiling over his tea (Jack Daniels) thinking "Damn! Divide and Conquer still works!"
ToddyEnglish said…
Well, Kenneth Eng proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Asians can be just as stupid as all other races. This proves that they don't hold a monopoly on intellectualism.
Thank you Mr. Eng.

As a person of the African American persuasion I found your ignorant and elementary level knowledge of black Americans hilarious. You are superior to me in your own mind little boy.
Anonymous said…
Paula you were quite tender with Kenneth Eng.
Anonymous said…
A bill a retainder is appropriate for Kenneth Eng.
Anonymous said…
Asians need to go back where they came from. No one forced them to come here. Their here because they want to benefit from other peoples work namely Black and White people. Asians are not that smart. They are a artificial petty bourgiose class that is propped up by Whites and dependent on Whites for everything that they have or will get. All around the world the so-called Asians are hated.Asians hate Asians. Malaysia, Indonesia or the Phillipines don't want them. Ken Eng is wanted in NYC about as much as animal is wanted in at a garden party. He and is ilk should return to their homelands.
That last comment made about Asians is hateful and mean -- it's the same thing said about blacks.

I just watched Babel and it's got me thinking about races and cultures and assumptions.

I can only go back to Christ's highest commandment -- to love our neighbors as ourselves...
Sharon said…
This article reminds me of the song "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" from the Avenue Q Broadway Show. Everyone should listen to that song, and ponder on its message. Maybe we'll all get along better.

Megan J.
Article Writer

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