Bible Girl Julie Lyons on Bestiality, Homosexuality and Sinning Pastors

by Paula Neal Mooney

Never on a Sunday, a Sunday, a Sunday...

Perhaps never -- especially on the blessed Sabbath -- would folks expect to find the kind of nitty-gritty stuff that Bible Girl (nee: Julie Lyons, before she was married to her new nom de plume) exposes in her excellent Bible Girl: The Unfair Park Religion Column.

Julie "Bible Girl" Lyons is a Dallas Observer editor and blogger, growing increasingly popular beyond the free weekly alternative that's owned by the Village Voice.

I found Bible Girl thru the in-depth and also excellent Get Religion.

And I will never lose Bible Girl again.

Because Julie Lyons is the real deal.

She's a Christian that exposes her own wanton sin, and a quick peek thru her posts shows that Julie Lyons isn't afraid to tackle the stuff the Pharisee-set stays away from: sinning pastors, greedy ones, and frank discussions about lust.

Neither is Bible Girl afraid to say she's fed up with movies that display a 12-year-old girl getting raped nor give her thoughts on accounts of real-life bestiality.

I've yet to dig thru all of the Bible Girl's posts, but my favorite thus far is when Julie Lyons writes about her own struggles with homosexuality and her downright blatant powerful healing thru it -- stuff we need more bloggers to confess.

Guess I'm talking to myself there.

Julie Lyons has inspired me even more to stop fawning to the fake Christians who believe that Jesus' message was to get all dressed up in our Sunday finest then look down our noses at any behavior on our long list of offenses that we deem un-Christ-like.

They come off more like Dana Carvey's hilarious "Church Lady", driving more folks away from the cross than to it.

Now if someone would just forward me a pic of Julie Lyons -- I've just emailed the Bible Girl herself for one -- I'll plop my new favorite writer right here...

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paul said…
Thanks for turning me on to BibleGirl! I am normally a search whiz but I have looked for a picture of Julie for a half hour now and all I can find is this battling cancer journal. I don't know what she looks like so this may a CRAZY coincidence that this woman lives in Dallas, and loves the lord...oh and is names Julie Lyons!
paul said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
paul said…
click on that 'date' to get a picture...i know...weird
Thanks, Paul -- I'll bet you that's her!

I appreciate your super sleuthing.

zawadi said…
Great post Paula! This Julie Lyons is one tough cookie! Glad to see more people speaing up also. Thanks for this.. will send your blog to a few friends so they can read it.
Hey Paul - No cigar.

Julie Lyons just emailed me saying that pic isn't her.

And she said there are no pics of her anywhere on the net and she likes it that way.

I told Julie she can't hide forever with that great writing.

So Bible Girl promised me I'd be the first to get a pic of her!

KWiz said…
And here's what you said that's so important, I think...

"They come off more like Dana Carvey's hilarious "Church Lady", driving more folks away from the cross than to it."

My point being that many preachers don't talk about the cross anymore. While I'm all for prosperity, the way it's being preached by many is completely out of context. It's now all about tickling our ears, making us feel good.

Thanks for putting us on to Bible Girl!

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