I was called a nut then tagged...

by Paula Neal Mooney

KWiz called me a nut.

Then she tagged me for the "five reasons why I blog" meme game.

Not the "right wing nut-job" popular insult speak-of-the-moment as some are prone to copy mindlessly and hurl at me.

KWiz -- wife of Manchild -- meant "nut" in a good way when she found my blog.

Well, it's 2:26 a.m.

And as the Led Zeppelin-like lead singer in Almost Famous told Cameron Crowe's character as he sought to interview him:

"I'm in too truthful of a mood."

But here goes with the real reasons why I blog:

1 - So I won't cheat on my husband
Just check out my Cindy George piece to find out all the trouble a lonely housewife can get into when her hand is taken off the plow.

Like Bible Girl, I continually cast down wrong thoughts.

I used to think I should only meditate on Scripture during the times I succeeded in getting the wrong visions outta my brain.

Now I realize I can also think of ways to improve my blog too...

2 - 'Cause I turned down a $25/hour job
Yes, 25 bones per hour.

It was a one-year software quality testing position at Progressive, about an hour's drive away from home.

He didn't tell me till I said no, but my hubby had been praying I'd decline the job.

We coulda used the money to help pay our debt, but Chris and I both like me close to home to take care of our kids myself.

3 - To build a blogging career
And since I keep hemming and hawing when the corporate headhunters call, I'm focused on getting paid a full-time (and beyond) salary thru blogging.

I can see it just as clear as Shoemoney's check that I've doctored here to reflect what my Lord is in the process of doing for me.

I'm holding on to that hope and vision that my funny and caring God once again reminded the other day was mine.

Debt be gone!

4 - So I won't be lonely
Corporate gigs are cool -- especially the moola and friends -- but there's something calling me to write in a drafty sitting room with the bay-windowed ledge every day that fulfills my soul.

But this isn't the 1950s with moms right next door to share a martini with when the isolation threatens to usurp my soul, so I've turned to the next best thing.

Giving up being an insular blogger was the best resolution I ever made this year.

And it's really funny how fond I've become of people like Laura Spencer and such, some of whom I've never even seen a picture of...

5 - To stop people from running into a burning building.
D.L. Moody didn't just see people, he saw souls.

I felt this way one day when I was standing in a sunny park.

Not surrounded by average men and women and children that didn't matter. I saw more than that.

Maybe that's why I might come off too strong and crazy and Christian psycho-like sometimes.

I'm so misunderstood sometimes -- readers may think I'm trying to engage some huge political debate.

At the heart of it, at my core, it's really my feeling of love towards folks of all faiths.

I'm not trying to turn my Messiah into some battering ram shoved down throats.

In my mind's eye, I'm overlooking Ground Zero, envisioning people running into -- not away from -- the burning buildings.

And I want to stop them.

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Let's see...who hasn't been tagged already and/or doesn't hate blog memes like Bonnie?

I'll tag Martin, my new buddy Paul, Tara, Kimberly, Tisha and for good measure, Jill.

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Jose said…
Hi Paula,

I like your meme, especially the personal and open manner in which you share your reasons for why you blog. As bloggers we all have our reasons for why we blog, some of them are similar to our own, others are not.

I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to lay all your cards on the table. I think that is what I find inspiring about you. Though we've never met or spoken (audibly to one another), your words have an inspiring affect on me. So keep on doin what you're doin, and don't worry about those who hurl insults. They're only revealing their own insecurities with someone willing to take a stand!

Your friend,

Ps. I told you not to be jealous. Someone was bound to catch up with you!
Jill said…
You're killing me, honey! Oy. :) first thing I wanted to write today? SUZE ORMAN IS A LESBIAN AND I LOVE HER. Seriously. Because I used to really not be able to STAND looking at her - her eyes really bother me. But I just read the NYT Sunday Mag interview with her - she's excellent!! I'm a total convert. Thank you to Deborah Solomon who does those interviews and usually I can't stand the questions she asks - but Suze was awesome. You should read it - you will laugh! OK- I'll do the meme after kids hit the road for the bus.
Hey Jose - You're so cool. And you inspire me too.

I can't wait to read your post about the other meme for Blogger Power.

Hi Jill! - I'm headed over right now to see if you've put up your Suze Orman post.

I didn't even know she was gay.

I really like her, too. She grew up in Chicago and her dad owned this Morie's Deli that I always had lunch at in Hyde Park.


Just thinking about those thick corned beef sandwiches and such...
Manchild said…
Hello Paula,

My wife, Kwiz, tagged me too. Great post. Excellent reasons. You're both going to be extremely tough acts to follow.

Thank you for sharing and sending me some "link love." Are there any known long-term side-effects from prolonged exposure to blog dust?
Laura said…
Hi Paula,

I'm fond of you too!! You are one of the few blogger/writers on the web that seems to really be themselves.

Your blog is usually one of the first (if not the first) that I visit each day.

You have seen my picture on MyBlogLog by now, right?

I really like the D.L. Moody quote. I think that's a great reason to blog!!

In terms of the blogging income, I'm pretty sure you'll make it. Your blog is really taking off
Jose said…
Thanks Paula. I was worried there for a moment, after posting my previous comment. I will do my best to make it a good one!

Manchild - the answer to your question is yes! You become more attached to blogging.
Anonymous said…

Congratulations! You have critics. Thank God for them.

Keep writing/ministering to us. As long as you write with godly intent, He will give you your heart's desires.

Psalm 37:4 says:
"Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."
Rory said…
Hey, Paula, this isn't the post to say this, but I just wanted to say well done on the new design. The same, and yet quite different. And there is no doubt that it is your blog. Wishing you the best.

(whispered) Taking a look around - you could shift this to Wordpress with no bother...
KWiz said…
I tell you what, Paula, your "blog dust" (as my husband coined) is getting more infectious by the day! What wonderful reasons! Particularly about becoming resolute about not being an insular blogger. It's hard just posting entries when you find so many blogs where so many people have so many interesting things to talk about and share! You included...

Thanks Paula!
K-Wiz said…
I tell you what, Paula, your "blog dust" (as my husband coined) is getting more infectious by the day! What wonderful reasons! Particularly about becoming resolute about not being an insular blogger. It's hard just posting entries when you find so many blogs where so many people have so many interesting things to talk about and share! You included...
Martin Lindsey. said…
To the left...to the right...around...and up and down! I agree with Rory, nice change of pace shifting the elements. I kind of liked your original header though, real artsy-like.

O.K., the five reasons that I blog? Am I supposed to do this on my blog or do a comment answer here? I'll start here then do a cut & paste to home if I need to. I'll probably do that anyway now that I know how to link (LOL). Besides this is a good way to help my readers start their day, by considering things purposefully.

1. I've always loved writing, singing, acting, drawing and doing anything creative. This is the perfect daily creative outlet for me. That's also why I joined Toastmasters so I could get my humorous speaking jones out of my system. I do serious subject matter too, obviously, but I'm a natural wise guy.

2. I'm a capitalist to the bone and a social animal. I'd like to be come a millionaire doing this and public speaking. Doesn't matter which one kicks in first.

3. The social networking potential is great and it's panning out. I love hearing what other people around the country (Maybe the world. Is our little circle international yet?) think about subjects that naturally interest me.

4. I like thinking that something I write actually impacts people positively. People give you shout outs when you've touched them in some way. It's fulfilling and flattering at the same time.

5. It confirms that I'm beginning to meet my purpose in the world more and more every day. I've always known I was put here to help others in practical ways and spiritual ways and at a minimum to improve the particular community where I live. I thought there might be some potential for having a national or global impact on people but I never really pictured the "how" of it until I became aware of blogging near the end of 2006.

So Mentor-Mooney how did I do with my first meme?
Hey Manchild and KWiz - I love the "blog dust" phrase. Sounds like a good name for a new blog.

You guys better run with it!

Rory (and Bonnie) - You've both inspired me to clean up my blog. Look for more changes...

Martin - Good deal. And great reasons to post, you good-humor guy.

Yes, make sure to post these on your blog. I'm headed over there and to Technorati to see if your link love kicked in yet.

Thanks all,

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