PayPerPost Reject Your Blog? Keep Trying, They're Paying More Now...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Back when I first heard of the PayPerPost blog ad network that pays approved bloggers money to post, I jumped all over it.

My blog already met the 90-day-old requirement, but I hadn't blogged that often. I hurriedly created more than 20 posts and submitted this blog for approval.

But I didn't read the fine print and got rejected.

"You skipped a whole month!" replied one of the PayPerPost checkers.

She was right.

I calmed down and kept my nose to the blogging grindstone, and before long, PayPerPost accepted this blog.

I've posted 7 perfectly-numbered posts for them (not including this one) thus far and they've accepted each one and paid me for all seven.

PayPerPost's New Payment Model Pays Bloggers More
And lately, PayPerPost has redesigned their payment model in a smart way.

Instead of lumping all bloggers in the same ilk and offering all of us the same payment, PayPerPost's clients are now paying attention to Google Pagerank, Alexa ratings and Technorati rankings to figure out what to offer whom.

Like the $125 payment for bloggers (with the high rankings pictured above) offered for posts about how much they've made. Some pay up to $1,000 for one post.

But you've gotta have great rankings...

And like other advertisers, some of PayPerPost's sponsors also don't want Blogspot, WordPress, MySpace or TypePad blogs, so this is more than enough encouragement for me to finally get my own dot com.

Not just for high-traffic bloggers... don't let the high ranking requirements discourage you from PayPerPost.

(Just check out how to make a quick $7.50 by reviewing blog posts at the end of this post. Look for my upcoming blog post about their new Review My Post program.)

Also check out the new cool PayPerPost disclosure image tag, which all bloggers are now required to put at the end of their PayPerPost-sponsored posts.

They also have code that bloggers who have control of their HTML templates can post near their head tag for verification purposes.

So PayPerPost is coming along nicely. If you've been rejected or never given them a try, go forth and blog for them!

Wanna make $7.50 to blog about this post? Click this image to sign up and then Review My Post:

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Laura said…
I have wondered about them. I know some bloggers are hesitant to use them. It seems now that this is the new improved version.
Avinash said…
Well.. I registered my account @ PayPerPost when they launched the site in public. Since my blog was pretty new at that time, it got rejected.

I tried again in December 2006 but it got rejected once again because of my 30+ days gap.

Today, after reading this post, I've tried again and it'll be my last try because I don't care if they reject this time. My blog got approved by ReviewMe ages ago.

By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog!

Kind regards,
- Avinash
Hi Laura - Yeah, it does seem like PayPerPost is making some smart and logical moves now. Let's hope I can get my GooglePagerank to increase off the main page of 2!

Hi Avinash - I hope PayPerPost finally approves you. It's good they have a thorough approval process to keep out the "made for Adsense" sites.

ReviewMe approved one of my sites but I haven't gotten any more reviews from them since last year!

Take care,
That Journalist said…
Hi Paula!

I haven't completely given up on the idea of making money off my blog, but let's just say I'm not as focused on it. I'm trying to use the motto, "Do what you love and the money will follow."

You, however, have it all in place: great content, the focus, knowledge, etc. I'm glad to see you going for it. Six figures in no time :)
Martin Lindsey. said…
Paula, why do the sponsors care about your blog platform? Do they think you're not serious if you don't have your own separate URL?

As artistic as I am I'm design deficient when it comes to web/blog page creation. I need templates.

Sounds like a great program. I'm not 90 days in though but I will save it in my favorites roll and check back in a month or two to see if I qualify.
Tara - You're so right about that: doing what we love will bring all kinds of prosperit.

Look out, girl, 'cause you're an excellent writer!

Martin - Yeah, some places look down on blogspot and other blogger urls as not quite serious enough to buy our own domains.

Right now I'm in the process of getting my own dot com and getting all this blog transferred over.

Of course, I'll let you all know when I do.

Keep praying for me!

l pray for you,
You pray for me...

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