2nd Alec Baldwin voicemail message is fake...but I'm glad the first one was leaked...

by Paula Neal Mooney

The internet mania over Alec Baldwin's ranting voicemail message to his daughter has caused one desperado to claim that there's a second voicemail message making the rounds.

I listened to the supposed "2nd Alec Baldwin voicemail message" and instantly picked up that it's a fake phone prank.

In actuality it's Alec Baldwin's famous "coffee is for closers" speech from David Mamet's cult-like (and expletive-filled) Glengarry Glen Ross -- with a voicemail message "beep" added at the end for effect.

I hate that Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger are fighting in public. I like them both and have followed their careers for years.

But I'm not sorry that Alec Baldwin's voicemail message to his daughter Ireland has been leaked to the public. Listen to Alec Baldwin's voicemail message to see what all the hubbub is about. After a judge heard the tape, he barred Baldwin from having any contact with Ireland for a short period of time.

We've all lost our tempers. I've screamed and yelled at my kids like a wild banshee.

Of course Alec Baldwin should be forgiven for going off, as we all are when we honestly repent. Not arrested, as some folks are calling for today.

But Kim has made allegations of abuse in the past that must be seriously looked into. If this is a scornful case of a bitter woman trying to keep her daughter away from her father, that is wrong.

However, if this is an instance of a mom trying to protect her child from being harmed, I'm glad that the voicemail was made public in order to get the courts to take notice.

Whatever is going on, I pray both Alec and Kim get help and are healed to the point of making a peaceful home for their child.

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maurizio said…
Hi, do you have a text version of the message? I don't get some of the phrases.
My bad..
Anonymous said…
You are right, we all lose our temper with our children at times, but for someone writing a 'book' on fathers rights, and the manipulation of the child custody system, and the favoritism of mothers in cases like this, he should know better. He really handed her the proof she apparently needed. I feel bad for Ireland, and I hope she remains with the parent with the most 'self control'.
Hey Maurizio -

Here's a transcript of the call here...

Hi JoyAnn - I didn't even know Alec Baldwin was writing a book on fathers'rights...
wow, Alec sounds really really bitter towards Kim and thier daughter, he has anger issues clearly.

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