Robin Thicke on Oprah: His Video Come to Life...

by Paula Neal Mooney

"Robin Thicke on Oprah"

That's the search term some blessed soul just typed into Google and found my Robin Thicke's Race? Wife? Lyrics? Dad? Hot, hot, hot and still hot! post instead.

Could it be true? Is Robin Thicke really going to be on Oprah?

I checked Oprah's site and voila!

Yes, Robin Thicke will be performing his "Lost Without U" smash hit from Evolution of Robin Thicke on Oprah, April 19th.

I just screamed and punched both hands straight in the air. Think I'm just a tad excited?

I'd already called and bugged my hubby to make sure American Idol was TiVoing last week, then I realized Robin Thicke won't appear on American Idol till May 2nd.

This is a good thing, as ol' Martha would say.


kweenkong said…
OMG, Paula. I just popped in here to make sure you knew that Robin Thicke would be on Oprah tomorrow. And at the exact moment I was writin you a comment on another of your Oprah posts, you must have posted your Robin Thicke on Oprah message!

We've both got "Robin on the Brain!"

Enjoy ;-)
Oh yeah, Kween, it's great that Robin's star is rising!

I love his lyrics...
I just watched Robin Thicke on Oprah singing Lost Without U.

How wonderful!

His wife, Paula Patton, was in the audience, crying.

She said Robin had gotten lost and dropped in a hole for a while, and that this Oprah appearance was like validation.

"I feel so lucky," Paula said.

"You are!" some woman shouted from the audience, causing uproarious laughter.

They are the prettiest couple.

"I'd better hold on to him," Paula said about her husband.

Robin said he wrote "Lost Without U" for selfish reasons, that he needed to be told how important he was at that point in his life.

He said he got a record contract when he was 16, and though the music was a critical success, it was a commercial flop.

Robin Thicke said his disappointment all these years felt like going to med school for 12 years and then not being able to practice medical.

I so know what he means...

"Let's see, a grammy or Oprah," Robin weighed the choices in his hand. "Oprah!" he declared.

I say give Robin Thicke both!

Oprah said even her behind the scenes production people were all dressed up and in the studio for Robin!

And I was right there on my couch grinning with them.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Ooh...oohhh...ooohhhhh...he was so good!!! I was mezmerized...I need that CD!

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