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One Day Blog Silenceby Paula Neal Mooney

When I first heard of the One Day Blog Silence badge going around to honor the angels of the Virginia Tech shooting, I thought to myself: Oh boy, here goes another meme designed to go viral off the blood of gun shot victims.

But now that I'm closer to the day that has chosen to honor them -- Monday, April 30, 2007 -- I feel compelled to observe it. It feels less about selfishness and more about honor -- like the bell that tolled 33 times for 33 human beings that I listened to in my car.

"Do not ask for whom the bell tolls for thee..."

There might always be a smidgen of the voyeurism set forth in the exposing truth of Don Henley's Dirty Laundry lyrics when writing about stuff like death. There's a reason that song is so popular so many years later.

But it's good to give myself a gut-check daily and ask God to "create in me a clean heart" anew. Receiving forgiveness for any wrong motives, and blessing for those that are pure. After all, that's all that will be left.

And so, to borrow a thought from Nikki Giovanni's excellent "We are Virginia Tech" speech video, let us remember those suffering everywhere as silence reverberates around the blogosphere on Monday.

The little girl with the knife to her throat and her suffering comrades...

Those afflicted with drug addiction...

And those, prayerfully, now sleeping in heavenly peace and Savior-bound...

Lord willing, I'll be back to blogging on Tuesday...


Laura said…
I'll be participating in blog silence too.

Silence as a symbol of respect and honor is a longstanding tradition.

I know that some people felt that bloggers should blog on that day as usual, but I don't see how not making a change in what we do can communicate anything.

So, on my blog, there won't be blogging as usual tomorrow.
Vanessa said…
Hi, Paula. I'm participating in the One Day of Blog Silence also.

Thanks for your post.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
I'm in! I posted it on my two main blogs!
It will be interesting to see how the silence affects cyberspace tomorrow.

On a much lighter topic, Blog Bloke taught me how to put a colorful background on my comments:
Making Your Comments more Colorful! @ InstaBloke™ a blog about blogging
Tisha! said…
precisely Paula dearest for me it's about introspection, much love!
Amen too that, I will participate as well.
kweenkong said…
Fyi, all the Chi-town buzz is Robin Thicke's forthcoming show at the amazing Riviera Theater. It's on 5/25 or 5/27.

Maybe you've gone to concerts @ the Rivera when you lived here? It's the best, coolest concert venue in the city, and may well be worth your paying your old city a visit near Memorial Day!
Thanks, Kween!

I'm all over that. I'm gonna check an d see if the tickets are on sale yet.

I saw Lenny Kravitz at the Riveria. I got so paranoid because the crowd carried me forward and pushed toward the stage.

I pushed all the way back and sat at the bar. But it was a great show, as I'm sure Robin's will be.

Thanks for the heads' up!
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