Please Help Actress Maia Campbell Get Off Crack Cocaine: Blog to Save Her Life...

by Paula Neal Mooney

A little while ago I blogged about the sad condition of actress Maia Campbell in the post called Maia Campbell Internet Video Shows a Sad Display of a World Gone Wrong.

Readers responded with open hearts -- wanting to desperately help the beautiful Maia.

She has gone from a working TV actress to a woman famous now for a sick internet video that many presume was only created in exchange for drugs.

One reader recently took this new picture of Maia Campbell and has written me pleading email messages titled: "Please help Maia..."

"Maia is in Philly right now having sex for drugs... please help her," the reader wrote.

"Can she be arrested?" I wrote back.

I thought of what Bebe Moore Campbell, Maia's deceased mother -- whose Spirit I hear crying out like only a mother's can right now for her daughter -- might have done, getting clues from the title of her last novel, 72 Hour Hold .

"I tried calling the cops today. They came but did nothing. She is still there at the house..."

So the Philadelphia police have apparently done nothing.

I believe if Maia's predicament gets national attention, they will do more. Here's what we can do:

  1. Pray and fast. As soon as you read this, please pray in Jesus' Name with me that the demons of drug abuse dogging Maia Campbell are immediately bound and that Maia be brought to a safe place to heal.

  2. Blog about her. Spread the word about Maia's state of being and the police's lack of follow-through. Email this post to people, blog about her on your own site if you desire. Let's go viral for Maia in a good way...

  3. Contact the media. Email or call any and every media outlet you know of to bring attention to Maia Campbell's story. I'm going to email reporters I know, and contact TV shows and producers and any and everybody till Maia gets help.

Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, wrote Maia's mother -- and I can hear that sadness and pleading calling. Let's do what we can. There is still hope for her baby girl in Christ.

Today former crack-addict Rick Kirkham will be featured on Oprah, along with new drug treatments that may be effective.

Rick has gone from a cocaine-addicted person to one that has been clean and sober now nearly a decade.

Rick emailed me recently, saying he's working again in Dallas.

God how in my heart of hearts do I pray the same for Maia. The Lord can bring her out of this. Let's all try to help her, please...


Sunny Ellis said…

A while ago you mentioned the master cleanse. I found this link of the book online. Thought you might be interested
Anonymous said…

For the sake of all addicts, recovering and those in active addition, please, do not advocate having this young lady jailed. She suffers the disease of addition. Please, intervene via Narcotics Anonymous (“N.A.”). N.A. will do a much better job of saving her than “the system.” Jail will only perpetuate her problems. There are various ways to get N.A. involved by contacting N.A. via phone or the net. Please, see the link below.

God Bless,
Wow, that is so sad, I will pray she gets the help she needs to beat this. Such a beautifull young lady, I hope she can make peace with this problem
Thank you so much for the help, Anonymous. I wasn't sure where to turn.

Okay, I've contacted Narcotics Anonymous helpline in Philadelphia and pray that will save her life...

Take care all and Happy Easter Monday!
kystorms said…

What city is she in? There are outreaches for Joyce Meyer everywhere, we could call her offices if you know where this girl is. If you want to, find out exactly and I will call them for her. Joyce has that house in St Louis for this exact kind of thing, at least that is what I heard. And she wont have to worry about payment or even worse the record she will obtain if she is arrested.
Tisha! said…
with caring people like you Paula Maia will hopefully find strength to turn her life around.
Manchild said…
Hello Paula,

Count me in. BeBe Moore Campbell and I attended the same church in Los Angeles. What a gifted writer and wise woman the world has lost.
KWiz said…
Thank you, Paula, for bringing attention to Maia Campbell. We all know only God can bring her out - and so I will continue to pray for her and will eventually blog about her as well (it'll take me awhile to formulate this post). My younger brother (all of 40 years old) is a crack addict - he was just released a second time from prison for theft (trying to get money for drugs). But when I talked to him after he was released, he sounds like a completely different person! And it's not that "I found Christ while in prison" bit (we've heard that before). I can hear that God has really done a work in him. He knows he has a problem (huge step for him to even admit that), but he also knows he has great support when he's weak (and he's taken that support when he's needed to). I know he's got a long way (for the rest of his life), but if God can do it for him, he'll do it for Maia. I pray her heart opens just enough for her to hear Jesus knocking at the door of her heart. And I pray she opens it.
mao said…
Hi, it's me the "devil's advocate".
What is the difference between her and other drug addict?
Sorry to play this role, but I am not sure that she deserve *more* help than the 1000 other girls out there.
Maybe she deserve less help because she ruined herself even if she had more luck than the others. Think about it, her family was surely better than the family of most of the other drug addict..

Don't get angry with me.I'm just playing the devil's advocate for the sake of the discussion. I hope this will help the discussion.

ps. please note the *more* I wrote on my comment.
Hey Sunny
I'm gonna check out that book. I still want to do that Master Cleanser!

Thanks Latimer
I felt like a big hypocrite telling folks to fast when I ate like a pig yesterday. But God is able and wonderfully forgiving, and I know He put Maia on my heart big time for a reason...

My contact says Maia's in Philly, and that the police cleared the house but didn't arrest anyone -- which I guess is a good thing according to anonymous...

I'll find out more and hopefully can lead the person I'm in contact with to a Joyce Meyer refuge. I've seen that one they have in St. Louis on TV; it's wonderful. The Lord uses her to help so many people.

Yes, Tisha
That is my prayer, too. Maia has so much more to give in this life.

Wow, Manchild and KWiz
I didn't know Manchild had a personal connection to Bebe thru church. I don't even think I've read any of her books, but I really want to now.

And KWiz, thank you so much for your testimony about your brother. Isn't it wonderful how Jesus can touch a heart and truly turn a life around? You know better than I do!

Hi Mao!
I thank you for your honesty. God is no respecter of persons, so Maia doesn't deserve "more" help than other addicts just because she's a celebrity.

The Lord just places certain people on our hearts for whatever reason -- just to reach out with His love and let them know that we care and don't want to see them hurt themselves any more.
maurizio said…
Hi Paula (sorry for my mix mao/maurizio).
I like to be a devil's advocate to see people think more about problems. I hope that some of your readers read my comment, maybe they will start to care a bit more about those people.

Devil's advocate from wikipedia:
In common parlance, a devil's advocate is someone who takes a position for the sake of argument. This practice is generally an instructional technique in which one person argues a position that another is less familiar with, thereby teaching proper argument.

I don't want to be a teacher, but if everyone understood what I meant, next time they see an addict they know how to react.

See? I hope we together helped your reader to improve.

(on a side note: I see u don't link-love me :-) )
Hey! What do you mean I don't link love you, Mao/Maurizio?

You mean blogroll?

I don't keep up with that thing...I'm so busy posting and reading!
maurizio said…
I was just saying that I posted about you adding links to your site, and you haven't. Blogroll or simple the same.

You don't have to, but if you like what I write, you could post about my stuff..or just add in the blogroll list.

Don't feel forced to do that. If there is nothing to say about my stuff don't say it. Just keep reading my blog and give me advices..sooner or later you'll find something to blog about me :)
(I say sooner because I have a surprise for you ..)
David Jones said…
Yea this is a sad story, Me and a coworker was just talking about her earlier today.
Vanessa said…
This is such a sad story. I'm sure her mother was heartbroken toward the end of her life.

I will add her to my prayer list. Maia is the only person that can her her get off drugs.

Thanks for posting about her.
Yolanda said…
Absolutely heartbreaking. I will be praying for her to finally break free of this devastating illness. Thank you for sharing this update
kweenkong said…
Wow, I'm really out of it... I had no idea that Bebe Moore Campbell had passed away. And I certainly didn't know that Maia is now cracked out... Very, very sad.

When I read your post, I also immediately thought of Bebe's "72 Hour Hold." I wondered at the time if it was Maia that suffered the mental illness. Now reading about her plight here, I'm willing to bet the "unnamed" family member Bebe wrote about was indeed her daughter, Maia.
Dan Gross wrote an update to the Maia Campbell saga. Read his full report here...

ADD ANOTHER chapter to the sad saga of actress

Maia Campbell, daughter of late author Bebe Moore Campbell. Mount Airy's Kevin Taylor filed a police report Monday accusing Campbell, who co-starred with LL Cool J on the series "In the House," with stealing his Jeep in Germantown.

According to Taylor and his friend Steve Johnson, the pair left Campbell and the car keys alone in the white 1998 Jeep Cherokee registered to Taylor's father, Christ Taylor, as they went into Johnson's home to retrieve musical gear. When they came outside minutes later, Campbell and the car were gone, they said.

Bebe Moore Campbell died of brain cancer in November, one day after her daughter's 30th birthday. Maia Campbell recently had Internet chatrooms buzzing over a video in which she appears to be naked and singing an Ashanti song, in a video clip posted on The site alleges the clip was made in exchange for crack cocaine. Sources say Campbell has been floating around Germantown of late and doesn't seem to be in a good way.

Taylor and Johnson each left messages on Campbell's cell phone, but she did not return the calls. Nor did she return a message we left her yesterday.

Johnson befriended Campbell and invited her Monday to hang out with him and Taylor. In recent years Campbell appeared in videos for Tyrese, Fat Joe and ex-Center City resident Lil' Kim.

Northwest Detectives are investigating the auto theft. Anyone with info on the whereabouts of the car or Campbell is asked to call 215-686-3353.

If you have something you'd like to share with Dan, call 215-854-5963, or e-mail To read Dan's recent columns, visit
FYI - A family member of Maia Campbell -- who wants to remain anonymous -- has been in touch with me by email.

She'd just found out about all that's been going on with Maia, and her heart is breaking for her family member.

She told me that while she's not 100% sure, she thinks Maia is safe now -- but with many issues that need to be resolved.

Here's the latest AOL Black Voices article about Maia Campbell.
Anonymous said…
I ran into Ms. Campbell in March on video set have spoken(pretty deep and personal when she opened up)and hung out with her from time to time. She is very smart and talented she is also very aware of her addiction. After trying to build a level of comfort(for her sake)I asked her to seek help. Of course she cursed me out( have text message to back it up)but we've manage to keep it real (as real as someone with addiction can be). She hasn't seek help (has been in rehab before) and didn't want to its very sad I wish her many blessings she's GOD's Child and he'll watch over her. If its his(GOD)will I know she'll make it. With all do respect who leaves a complete stranger in a car with the keys? People that run into her really need to understand she has an this point in her life she's not exactly a HOLLYWOOD don't be star crazy have some morals and try to help. I wrote this because I'm looking for her and someone told me she was in jail in Philly after a durg raid at a crack house. After many attempts to call her it may explain why she's not picking up but I'm still looking to see if the imformation is correct. I did a google search and this came up so I read comments and though I'd take the time and write..thanx for reading GOD BLESS!!!
PS SHE'S LIGHT YEARS FROM CRAZY..(for those that don't understand ..that means she's not crazy)
Hi Anonymous -

Thanks for the info.

Actually AOL Black voices had a more recent article up saying Maia is back in LA now.

I hope she's alright.
Anonymous said…
THANK YOU. I've launched a counter attack on every negative web site posting about Maia and it's good to come across something positive about her. Forever Faithful.
Anonymous said…

Do we know if anyone from her show "in the house" has tried to reach out to her? LL Cool J, Alphonso Ribiero, Kim Wayans, Debbie Allen?
Anonymous said…
Paula - Please contact me ASAP. I work on a rehab show and want to help Maia.
Anonymous said…
She can still be saved! with the help of her family and friends! lets all support her taking this journey on trying to turn her life around! i BELIEVE in you maia i know you can do this! so please try! Fan From New Zealand...
Anonymous said…
why do people think just because she is famous she doesnt deserve the same amount of respect and help as anyone else...ADDICTION IS ADDICTION...with the fame or not. i pray to the lord that maia gets help soon anyone with a heart im sure hopes for the same thing.
Anonymous said…
They say that she is in LA. This is so sad! its shameful and disgusting how this has been happening and there's no support factor around her. WHO are those PEOPLE she was parked in front of!!and who is that guy she is with, he needs to be put away!... Don't they know that she has a mental illness!! but instead they are laughing and taping her for the world to see...
When did we lose our morality our compassion... i hope she gets the help she needs quickly. Find her and find her fast!
Anonymous said…
Was she sexualy abuse/molested while on the show "in The House". I've heard this is where she began her drug abuse and other rumors that she was heavily pursued by LL Cool J. Is there any validation to this?
Anonymous said…
Please help this girl!!!!! she had much talent now its being smoked up!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I was completely disgusted with these guys who CALLS themselves men. She honestly have a mental illness and it doesn't help that drugs play a role. Honestly those guys, both of them, have a beautiful bed made in hell with their names on it. And I pray for her health and that she gets better. I pray that God makes a turn around in her life so she can be a living testimony to any battered woman.
UK Rehab Clinic said…
Heavy crack users may take heroin to try to dull their cravings. As a consequence, some crack users have become dependent on heroin as well.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately Maia will not improve until she is ready, not you, not me, not us, she will have to be ready for the pain and the abuse to stop. How do I know, I was a crack addict for 12 years. I could not stop until I was ready, I know others that were the same. Eventually we all come into our own time to quit, ask the former tabacco user he or she will testify to this fact. There is no man made aid that can help you, you have to help yourself. But I do pray for her because prayer and God is good, when I was ready those were my support mechanism's. By all means pray for her but do understand in her own time will she heal and return to herself, it's all in a matter of time. Until then we will have to be in prayer for her, and those that don't understand her addiction please do not laugh at what you do not understand because she did not wake up one day and say "Today I think I'll be dependant on a drug", it don't work that way. God Bless!

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