Maia Campbell Internet Video Shows a Sad Display of a World Gone Wrong

Maia Campbell Internet Video Shows a Sad Display of a World Gone Paula Neal Mooney

Sad. Sad. Sad. That's all I can say about the internet video of actress Maia Campbell that's circulating right now like so much filth. It’s odd that I was just wondering how Maia Campbell was coping with the recent death of her mother, writer Bebe Moore Campbell.

Maia Campbell may look familiar to folks who used to watch her play Tiffany Warren on LL Cool J’s sitcom In the House. I always thought Maia Campbell was so gorgeous, and having a mother like Bebe Moore Campbell to boot!

A New York Times bestselling author of books like Brothers and Sisters, Singing in the Comeback Choir, and Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, Bebe Moore Campbell died of brain cancer on November 27, 2006, at the age of 56.

But I didn’t realize until today when researching why the Maia Campbell internet video was such a big deal just how badly Maia’s been doing lately. Allegedly given drugs in exchange for taping the video, Maia Campbell begins by singing then disrobes in a vile display of sadness. I didn't know it was Maia Campbell at first, but thought her face looked familiar. After I realized what was happening, I had to turn the video off. So I didn’t see it all, but it’s very sad. I hope to God Bebe is in a better place. Imagine the feeling of watching your daughter do something like that...

The rumor mill abounds with reasons why Maia Campbell shot the video. There are reports of long-term drug abuse, and more astute writers and readers point out the fact that Bebe Moore Campbell’s common theme throughout many of her writings surrounded mental health.

Bebe Moore Campbell’s 72 Hour Hold is the story of a mother trying to cope with her daughter's descent into mental illness. Though 72 Hour Hold is a novel, Bebe reportedly said it was based on real-life events that engulfed her own family.

So Bebe might have been referencing her own daughter, Maia Chinassa Campbell, who may in fact be bipolar. My heart sinks deep in my chest for Maia, whom I always remember in a cute scene from In The House where Debbie Allen took a maternal peek at the burgeoning Maia Campbell and asked, “Where’d you get that body?”

It was cute back then. A young girl blossoming into a woman and coming into her own. Seeing the sordid shape Maia Campbell is in now, I’m truly praying that she can be delivered from the demons surrounding her and inside of her, and pray that the people who possibly drugged and exposed Maia and uploaded it on the internet are prosecuted. Pray with me please...

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
Hmmm...that's too sad...i will pray for her!
Laura said…
Hi Paula,

Thanks for leaving the nice note on my blog.

Good writing here, as always!
andrena said…
Don't know why folks love watching others at low points in their lives...not going to watch it. I hope she pulls out of it.
From email:

Actress Maia Campbell from "In the House"?

Well, Maia lost her mother to brain cancer one day after her birthday almost 5 months ago (Nov. 27, 2006).

I recently search for some great updating news about her instead found some distrubing news.

There is a video featuring her singing while on crack. She's posing in the nude.

I'm no expert but I know she's hurting about her mother's death.

I lost my cousin and grandmother (a year apart from each other) from brain cancer and my uncle is still battling with the addiction to crack (it's been over 10 years).

I don't want this young woman to be found dead in some Los Angeles alley because she overdosed in a crackhouse.

I don't want her to get HIV/AIDS because she graduated from smoking it to using needles and having sex for the drugs.

It was clear to me, the reason she allowed these so-called "black brothers" to film and take pictures of her because she didn't have money for crack. Next it'll be having sex or during porn.

I don't have much but I will come from the Chicago area to help try and find her. She's crying out and no one in Hollywood is listening.

Please, if you have anyway to find her could you contact me immediately. I will go through the crackhouses of LA to find her.

My heart aches for her safety! My eyes swell with eyes because it cries out to help her! My soul reaches out because I know she's suffering not from bipolar but because she lost her mother one day after her birthday. I can't imagine how she's feeling the guilt of losing such a powerful presence in her life.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: (email addressed removed for protection of tipster)
> To:
> Sent: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 3:58 PM
> Subject: help maia please
> Maia is in Philly right now having sex for drugs please help her. My # >is (phone number removed for protection).Attached is a pic i took. I read your article and you seem >to care for her that is why I am writing you.
> [Image Removed]
>To: (email addressed removed)
>Subject: Re: help maia please
>Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2007 18:39:43 -0400
> I do want to help Maia...the little bit of that video I saw of her before >shutting it off upset me -- especially once I realized it was her.
> What can we do? First, let's stand together in prayer in Jesus' Name for >those demons of drugs to be thwarted today and that she get to a safe >place.
> Does she have any more family? I know her mother died...
> Can an intervention be done somehow?
> Can she be arrested?
> I'm just thinking of ways to help. I don't want her to die like this.
> Paula

-----Original Message-----
From: (email address removed)
Sent: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 12:00 AM
Subject: Re: help maia please

I tried calling the cops today. They came but did nothing. She is still there at the house...

Paula's response:
okay, i'm going to write about this and plead for help

there must be something that can be done to save her

if this gets a lot more attention, then the cops will be forced to do something.

at least put her on that 72-hour hold that her mother wrote about, or i pray get her in a treatment facility

what did the cops do? just stand around?

once it gets national attention, please pray, then the police and others will want to save face and save Maia

thank you
FYI - A family member of Maia Campbell -- who wants to remain anonymous -- has been in touch with me by email.

She'd just found out about all that's been going on with Maia, and her heart is breaking for her family member.

She told me that while she's not 100% sure, she thinks Maia is safe now -- but with many issues that need to be resolved.

Here's the latest AOL Black Voices article about Maia Campbell.
Marquis Lamb said…
I'm glad I found this site because I have a bunch of old episodes of "In The House" & I've seen the pictures & videos of her & it hurts me to see her throw her life away. I wonder why no one that she's worked with in the past like LL Cool J would reach out to her. I want to find out where in Philly she is & I will fly there myself to help her get her life together. But I am definitely glad to see that I'm not the only one who cares about her & wants to see her get through these demons she is facing. Maybe if we all come together, we can save her.
Marquis Lamb said…
I found this article on

ACTRESS Maia Campbell has skipped town, says a source close to Campbell. We reported May 3 that days earlier she was accused in a police report of stealing a man's Jeep in Germantown.
Last month, the 30-year-old daughter of author Bebe Moore Campbell, who died of brain cancer in November, was present when police swept a drug house on the 6300 block of Chew Avenue, according to a police source.

Campbell, who co-starred with LL Cool J on the series "In the House," has long battled drugs and bipolar disorder, sources say. Her mother's last novel, "72 Hour Hold," centered on a woman dealing with bipolar disorder.

Campbell had been floating around Germantown recently and was not in a good way, according to several people who saw the actress.

Several months ago, a woman believed to be Campbell appeared naked and singing an Ashanti song in a video clip posted on The site alleges Campbell made the video in exchange for crack cocaine.

LL Cool J, through his management, declined to provide any words of encouragement to the actress, who has also been seen in videos for Tyrese, Fat Joe and former Center City resident Lil' Kim.

Campbell has not returned messages we left on her cell phone.
Anonymous said…
She's a foul crackheead. Poor girl. Needs rehab and N.A.
Anonymous said…
Where is her father and her brother in all this? Why hasn't llcool j or debbie allen taken the time out to help this poor child let alone the one that also played raynell on the show. I hear she is doing porn to make a living since the show has cancelld. It's just not right for these poor girls to be out there like that. When I am in la I look for these girls in order to help them but I never see them out there. I volunteer in helping the kids who are out there in the streets like this and it's really hard to get them in programs and in the right places. Just keep praying everyone, GOD will hears us.. Thank U....
Anonymous said…
I googled to find the video and watch it, but have decided not to after reading your blog. I actually did not remember who she was until the connection to her author Mom. It is sad, and thanks for reminding me not to get pleasure from the pain of others.
ginna said…
That is really so sad. Addiction to drugs can change the entire life of a person and may lead to various negative consequences. There are numerous stories like this which are happening nowadays and it always ends only in horror situations. Please make use of drug rehabs that can help the people recover from such dreadful activities.
Nancy said…
Praying for you Maia.

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