TV Junkie Rick Kirkham's Video Diaries...From Big-Time Reporter to Crack Addict and Back

UPDATE: I'm glad to see this ABC News report about Rick Kirkham...

by Paula Neal Mooney

I was up all hours of the night engulfed by an HBO documentary titled TV Junkie.

TV Junkie is the harshly honest and amazing video diaries of TV journalist junkie Rick Kirkham.

Rick was a super successful Inside Edition adventure-man reporter who spiraled into a sad and sick life of a crack addict, wife beater and failing father whom you expect to blow his brains out any minute as his video life unfolds.

What is so amazing is that Rick Kirkham tapes just about everything -- his wild flings on the road with women across the globe to his marriage to Tammy -- a sweet and loooonnnnggg-suffering Southern gal who weeps for her drug-addicted husband.

Rick doesn't even turn the camera off as he does crack, but instead gives a grippingly raw portrayal of his own hatred of his drug life.

"This is really weird talking to a camera doing this," Rick says as he does crack cocaine.

Kirkham also films the horrible aftermath: the draining hangovers, getting fired from great jobs, listening to phone messages from people he owes money to, etc.

Perhaps the saddest scenes are when Rick and Tammy fight, and Tammy once again calls the police to arrest Rick as his young son cries with confusion.

But TV Junkie ends on a positive note. Though his marriage didn't survive, Rick Kirkham is now a powerful speaker whose two sons come on stage with him as he tells the truth of his nearly 7-year recovery.

Check HBO's site here at the bottom of the page for "TV Junkie" showtimes.

What a testament to hope and God's preservation and renewal...

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Jose Tudor said…
Hi Paula,

Rick is a very fortunate man to have recovered from Crack Cocaine addiction. Few people recover.
Manchild said…
Paula Mooney,

You never cease to amaze me with your uncanny ability to keep cranking out excellent content. Thank you for sharing Rick Kirkham's story.

May Rick's testimony serve as a warning to the children and young adults who are contemplating playing Russian Roulette with Satan's candy.

Yeah, Jose, it's a true miracle that God delivered Rick from that mess.

Thanks, Manchild. I go to the Father and wholly lean on Him to know what to write.

Be blessed,
Rick just emailed me. Aren't God and blogging amazing!!!

March 24,

Dear Paula,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your kind review of our film, “TV Junkie”. Your blog and the many people who read it and interact with is but one of many helping to get the word out on addiction; That it is a form of subconscious suicide and it can be treated, it’s victim can return to a normal life.

The film ended fairly quickly showing my two sons, Ricky and Dusty a little older with me in the car. Just to let you and your readers know, the Kirkham “Boyz” as we refer to ourselves are all healthy and fine. Ricky is now a football player in middle school with lots of little girlfriends and Dusty, more like his dad, is constantly seeking out adventure. Don’t worry, he has the perfect parent to monitor his curiosity.

I am well and working again in television, albeit in private, producing some internet broadcasts for a Dallas company. However, most of my time is spent speaking to kids and young adults around the country on the dangers of addiction. It is something I have to do to complete my journey back from hell.

To all who have watched “TV JUNKIE”, thanks. Thanks for having made it so popular we are receiving thousands of emails and are presently helping, one-on-one, a number of people to get their lives back on track as well. If anyone needs more information please have them visit me at where they can find just about any information they like.

This is the first blog I have ever written to. But after having a few friends forward your review to me personally I couldn’t not write just to say “GOD bless and thank you”.

Rick Kirkham
“TV Junkie”
Dallas, TX
And here was my reply to Rick Kirkham

Hi Rick -

Wow -- I can hardly believe you're writing me. It's like you stepped out of the TV and into my inbox!

Anyway, thank you for taping your life all those years, and for being man enough to show it all to the world.

I was just thinking that many of us have those ugly moments in our lives -- like when your one son was crying when you and Tammy were fighting.

But many of us just forgo showing that side of us and don't even talk about it, prefering to show the world our "pretty" sides.

You, my friend, are a brave soul and are being used so mightily to change lives for the better.

Seriously, God bless you abundantly on this journey to helping so many folks.


Take care and much love,
Anonymous said…
Hi, this is the frist time i see your blog, im from mexico and i saw the documentary like a week ago, and it really make me think about life and all thath worths, and a be a little more comprehensive to those who are addicts and they dont want to be, like Rick, cause you can see how much he desires to leve the drug, but in the moment of anxiety, it was something that just couldn't control at all..
It must be horrible.. Im very surprise too by the personal reply that he made, because he really is a great man, that has mistakes in his past, but who hasn't.. and now he is helping people, and helping his kids with all that they need in a father, and helpping us to understand that situation, and to make us wanna help too..
I really admire this man, and i've already write to his site to get the DVD, because i can't wait to show it to everyone that i know...

Well, that was too much.. sorry, but i still have every scene in my head.. is shoking.. and so real

Good job in the resume, i really like it..
Natalia (monterrey, México)
Thanks, Natalia.

I hope you get Oprah down there in Monterrey, México because I just saw that Rick Kirkham is going to be on Monday's Oprah show.

I'm so excited to see it.

I didn't want to sound harsh on Rick when I wrote this post; I don't think it came across how much of a good guy I could tell that he is.

It's just perfectly clear that the demons of drug abuse really beguiled him to use drugs that Rick really didn't even want to use anymore.

Anyway, Oprah is billing it as "The TV Reporter with a secret."

Should be good and help many more folks.
JerseyBoy said…
I know for fact that Kirkham was a lying, cheating, narcissistic scum bag long before his drug use.

He got what he deserved. RIGHT SCUMHAM?
Steve said…
I don't like religion, but sometimes it's nice to see that a fictional fairytale can give some sort of artificial strength to someone.
webmaster said…
is my first time looking this blog too as the guy from mexico. You write very well. Continue like this post
skip said…
yeah that is right..most people just went deeper and deeper,and can't be save no more..
meg said…
The irony of life. Rick's unknowingly became an instrument so that others may learn and change. Happy Easter!
Top Dog said…
yeah seen this too, its a terrible affliction.
Nixon said…
Pretty amazing story... I am glad to see that he's well.
Hanna said…
I just watched the movie. I woke up in the middle of the night and while zapping found it. I had to make an google search, because I did not see the end - due to snowfall interferring. I wanted to know what had happened with Rick and through your blog found out that he made it. Thanks

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