Was Seung-Hui Cho a Christian? Demon Possessed?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Did Seung-Hui Cho have a demon?

Was he a Christian? Islamic?

Was the Virginia Tech killer possessed by the devil?

These are the questions that most intrigue me now, one full week after the tragic events.

Bible Girl Julie Lyon's take on Cho and his demons is the most interesting I've read all week.

I don't know for sure what Cho believed, and I felt pangs of sorrow for him upon reading reports that a few of his former classmates teased "Go back to China!" when he read aloud once in class.

Either way, Cho didn't have to go to the dark side and turn himself over to legions of demonic forces.

If only he'd known how believers can fight demonic urgings, things would have gone much differently.

"And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons..." Mark 16:17


Anonymous said…
Oh dear...
How about Cho being a maltreated little boy that lived in such repressive culture there was no way to break out from, but through this rage?

When all these "spiritual" interpretations start there is no way to get to the truth (which sets us free, by the way).

Is God Pentecostal or Catholic, or is he Christian at all?
kystorms said…
Hellp Paula

Well, I can say with all certainty, that the last week has been filled with many dark things, and they seem to be occuring at a faster then seen before pace. As to the boy who did this, I feel so bad for his family. Was this a demonic based attack, well any time anyone does anything that is like this, it is. Could a believer have been helpful, I want to think so. Could this poor kid have been given more help when he had been given by professionals in a mental health facility? YES! The people who were to take care of him let him down, the classmates who teased him , they let him down too. But I think its more important for us to remember that at one time, this was a tiny boy, one whose mother loved and who delighted in. I ask that everyone remember his mom and dad in thier prayers, and his siblings as well.
They are left here to deal with the shame and sorroe he caused, and also the knowledge that thier child was ill, and they could not help him. NO matter what he did or did not do, and no matter the reasons, someone was hurting and no one could help. I am watching the same lack of response to a mental illness take someone I care deeply for and ruin thier life, and while I do not blame the mental health professionals for his actions, we have to admit that they were in control of him for a time, and could have made this turn out different.
We had also better get more aware of this problem, its not going away, and you cant ignore it, if you try to this explosive action is what occurs sometimes.
When we see someone who is hurting, no matter how different they seem to be, reach out, try to connect. You have no idea how just a smile can take someone from bad to good, and maybe give them hope that someone cares.
God Bless everyone.
Leon said…
Cho had a dark soul. He felt powerless and needed to express his anger. So he allowed it to consume him. Demon possessed? After what he did, strong maybe.
Blog Bloke said…
If he was a true believer and had a real relationship with Christ he could not have become demon possessed.

I see similarities amongst all these school killing sprees and this is another example of what bullying, harassment and insensitivity from our peers can do to the extreme. That's no excuse for his actions but having been a victim myself I can't help but worry how many more like him are out there who will be unable to resist going over to the dark side.

For without the love of Christ what will keep them from doing even worse atrocities.


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