Make Money Selling Amazon Products -- And Don't Buy Your Own Products Thru Your Own Affiliate Link!

I recently wrote a post called "Increase your Amazon affiliate income and earnings..." and now I thought I'd expand on that to include a few more tips on how to make money online with Amazon.

Especially since Amazon sales pick up around the holidays, why not try your hand at making money thru Amazon by joining their free affiliates program and blogging about some stuff?

So here are my tips for blogging about Amazon products on your product (or everything-but-the-kitchen-sink) blog or niche site:

1 - Subscribe to the Amazon Associates Blog

I just found it! But subscribe to Amazon's associate blog to learn money-making tips with them.

2 - Write up specific product reviews, or lead people to the ones already written.

I have a Vizio TV, so it was easy to write up a short honest review of Vizio TVs. I don't yet own a dehumidifier, but I led people to the dehumidifier reviews and ratings on the product pages.

3 - Jump on hot products right away and blog about them...

..if they are in demand like the new Elmo TMX tickle me thing, if they are on Amazon, and if you feel comfortable blogging about it.

4 - Let the products you use or need inspire you

Watching an actress on TV, who wears large size 11 shoes for women inspired me to write a post about it -- since I wear the same shoe size.

5 - Blog about products you hear about offline... when I saw Whoopi on The View demonstrating the Step and Flex stairmaster, or Oprah using the Flip camcorder video camera.

6 - Play around with Amazon's widgets

I just discovered the widget in this post (yay, it works on Blogger!) that drops or scroll products you select. So play around and see what works, but I've found that writing about the individual products and giving them their own URL works best.

Make money with Amazon, but don't buy products thru your own affiliate link...

I also read yesterday that buying products thru your own Amazon link is against their rules, and that they'll debit away any fees they give you from those products.

Have fun pitching the products...


Michael Woo said…
Oops.. I bought a few items using my own link @@ gosh I hope that they wun take action..

anyway.. great content here..
Car Audio said…
It is nice to be back and reading your posts and commenting. I do not intend taking your advise but, let me compliment you on a very well written article. Simple, easy to follow and hopefully effective.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
I love reading about the energy you have to do all of this...LOL...but I don't!

There are other fish to fry! LOL...I signed with an agent for my book! :-0
Cheryl Pastor said…
Hi Paula.

Great content yet again. I'm trying to get my writing together for a couple of blogs I'm starting. Reading your blog on a regular basis is very inspiring. Think I'll try that Amazon advice your giving. Sounds like it might be a winner.

Keep up the good work.

Cheryl Pastor
djahna said…
Please forgive my ignorance,, But I still don't understand hoe you make money by doing this,,

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