Make Money on the Internet: Refresh your money-making posts...

One good way to keep making money on the internet is to tend to your most popular posts.

Whether it's a popular post that makes you Adsense money from the traffic, or affiliate money from the product pitched within, take advantage of all the eyeballs by giving them what they want.

Take time to go back to posts and update them with new data -- I did that a lot today on my TV site.

Or, if you're rushing to go pick up your kid from school -- hint, hint -- just take enough time to pretty up your money-making post and republish with a current date.

That way, readers don't feel like their reading old news...


Glen said…
This is a good way to attract sponsors as well yesterday I sold post level sponsorship on 5 posts on my blog. I did not break the bank but it gave me hope that I can sell ads from my blog without relying in text link ads.
Bedrooms said…
So did you write that post on your way to pick up your children from school? ;)
I see you're reading really closely!
Car Audio said…
Clever. Very clever. Very good advise. Thank you.
Sallie Mae said…
If you republish with a new date, don't you lose all the backlinks to that post. I've got a Sallie Mae post I promote for SEO purposes and I wouldn't want the date to change on it.
Hey Sallie Mae ;-)

Nope, don't think I've ever lost any backlinks by republishing with a new date.

I kept the same URL and post and everything, just republished.

Where'd you hear that?
Sallie Mae said…
The URL on my postings show:

If you change the date, I thought it results in a new url. said…
this is great, passive income. i'm the next top blogger, let make it happen!
Paula Neal Mooney-you are inspired me
FameFire said…
Hi Paula, Its a great way of promoting the same article. Even JohnCow, repeats his works time to time making appropriate changing. By this you grab attention of the readers once again to the same topic with relevant information. One of your commentators that the back links may be loosed after changing the date. I don't know exactly in case of BlogSpot. But with wordpress this problem can be solved. We can publish the post in the manner

So in this way there is no issue of changing the url for a post and thus it will not harm considering the back-links in number
Definitely worth doing - I re-wrote an article and it now brings in an extra 5% a day :D

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