How Do I Sell My Blog? Getting Cold Hard Cash from Blogging...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Now that my blessed friend Bonnie Calhoun over at Bonnie Writes showed me that my blog value is in fact increasing -- and not stuck on the $24k I thought it was worth -- by encouraging me to click on the "How Much is Your Blog Worth?" doohickey over there to the left in my sidebar, I've been wondering: How do you sell a blog?

(By the way, I had to type in to get the highest value, so try different variations of your correct URL with and without the "http:" in front to get your highest blog value.)

Googling stuff like "sell my blog," "blogs for sale," "sell your blog," and "blog for sale" will get you enough good tips. But I think these BloggerTalk guidelines in this thread is a good start:

1. This forum is for the listing of blogs which are for sale. Not domain names and not normal web sites (with the exception of domains which have the word "blog" in them and sites which include an active blog).

2. The blog sales in this thread are between the seller and buyer only. BloggerTalk is simply acting as a channel for the sale of the blog.

3. No BlogSpot (blogger) blogs shall be posted in this thread. It is against PyraLabs rules to sell Blogspot blogs (guess this negates me till I switch to a new domain name -- I'm not ready to sell now anyway, if ever.)

4. No links to eBay or blogs sold on auction sites. This is the blog marketplace for the selling of these blogs

5. The following blog details must be listed when selling:
* Blog URL and Link
* Date blog was established
* Monthly traffic and link to stats if available
* Earnings made from the blog if any
* How often you blog
* Blog platform (blogger -- hey, didn't they just say no blogspot blogs? -- wordpress, typepad ..etc.)
* Starting price (for bidding, this set up is like an auction)
* Buy Now Price (flat fee the buyer can offer which you will sell for on the spot)
* End date : When the last bid is taken and highest bidder is awarded chance to buy the blog.
* Preferred form of payment

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Bonnie Calhoun said… are always finding something new!

I went and checked it out! There was a post there from some guy touting that he turned $6 into $6,000. His method is a pyramid scheme. matter what kind of cute neam he puts on it, it is illegal in most states...definitely in NY! LOL!

Be careful of the selling blog thing too!
Holly said…
I'm not a techie, so the options of growing your blog that my hubby shared didn't really work for me. But I am constantly amazed at how the steady and constant factors make a real impact too. The biggest blogs are almost always the ones who've been doing the longest - the few who "got there first" with the rest of us scrambling to displace them - or at least join them *snicker*, but I have been pleasantly surprised to see just how much a no-name blogger like myself can see so much growth in only a few months. It's a pretty cool blogosphere me thinks...LOL

And a thousand thanks for the nice comment you left me on my blog. It made my morning!! ;o)

Holly's Corner
Laura said…
This is exactly what I've been wanting to learn. Another bookmark!

Laura said…
Actually, do people sell blogs? I was thinking more of getting cash from monetizing a blog.
Yes, I guess people actually sell their blogs, Laura.

But I don't think I'll be selling mine any time soon, though, if at all. I was just curious.

Thanks and hugs to Bonnie and Holly for your feedback!

Happy Monday,
Anonymous said…
I listed an honest, businesslike message selling my blog at the forum you mentioned... so far I have had smart-assed remarks from some lurkers. I wish there was a serious place to market a blog for sale.
Payal Jain said…
Hi Paula, people can sell their blogs but in the rare cases. It's not seen on the regular basis. I know because i am a domain marketer & right now i have a domain ideal for yacht brokers, yacht builders,

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