Why You Should Read Blog Ads

by Paula Neal Mooney

I love my blog's readers. The ones that don't cuss at me, that is. Like Scott Nance over at Life, The Universe...

My e-conversations with Scott have inspired a couple of posts thus far, including the How to Get People to Read Your Blog one. And now here's another. Yesterday Scott unknowingly got me to thinking about the advantages to reading the ads on other people's blogs -- not your own. (Never, ever, blogging newbies, click on your own Google Adsense ads! This could spell doom.)

It helps prevent ad blindness - I was so used to not clicking on the ads displayed on my own blog that I realized I was letting this fear translate to other websites I read daily. Lo and behold I had almost developed a case of ad blindness, an affliction that content writers try hard to cure their customers of, trying all sorts of tricks like placing topical pics near their Google Adsense link ads. (Which, by the by, the jury is still out on whether this is okay or not under Google rules.)

You learn about ads you want to block - There was one specific Google Adsense ad (which I refuse to give any free publicity to) that kept popping up on my blog that looked questionable, but I couldn't click on it to find out more about it. In cases like this it's good to peruse or play the video ads you see on other sites just in case you want to block them from your own site. Eventually, I used the same methodology I used to block low-paying click ads (oh, if only I could block them all) to block that troublesome ad. It took a few days but I haven't seen it since.

Studying sponsors and affiliate ads gets you more sponsors -- I learned about Text Link Ads and places like AdBrite and Amazon's referral program by reading other blogs, clicking on the stuff they had displayed and signing up under their referrals.

Your own private donation button. You know those "donate" buttons that most people never click on? I think the one of the only times I've actually donated in that manner was the couple of bucks I had left in my PayPal account at the time to the family of James Kim. Reading ads is another way to support those favorite blogs you love, plus...

...reading ads keeps you abreast of the latest happenings. Whether it's new technology, a democratic process, or celebrity gossip, reading ads daily keep bloggers up-to-date on what's going on in the world.

You gain new advertising ideas by studying how successful advertisers pitch their products. We're not just writers, we're purveyors of the written word who can also take advantage of programs like Google Adwords to pitch ebooks and such.

Reading blog ads may provide tons of new blogging ideas, and helps feed the incessant question every blogger asks themselves in the morning: What should I blog about today?

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Mr. Biggs said…
Hi Paula, Great post....I always wondered about 0.01 cent in my Adsense. Thank to you I have started using Black Listing..great article..ohh I wanted to put up a Geo Map of 2000 bloggers...please visit my blog and add yourself to the 2000 blog network geoMap. Thanks.

Thanks Ash, I added myself to your 2000 Bloggers Geo Map. Those things are so cool...
Benin "Mwangi" said…
Paula, your blog is sooo creative. I t's got the type of energy that makes me feel happy just looking at the layout!

Plus, love the relevant topics..I'm going back for more....

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