Does Amazon really pay Amazon Associates for all sales made? Is the Kindle now an excluded product on Amazon for referral fees?

On April 15th or 16th 2009, one of my husband's colleagues was on one of my websites when she purchased a new Kindle 2 and cover for a retiring coworker.

Funny, I later saw the Kindle 2 leather cover coming thru my Amazon Associates account -- but not the $35.99 due me, an Amazon Associate, for the Kindle 2 purchased thru my website.

That led me to wonder:

Does Amazon really pay its Associates for all the sales they make?

Trying to explain the short-fall, I thought of many things: Their Amazon cookie expires in 24 hours, but she purchased it right away, not putting it in her shopping cart first then coming back to it.

Maybe the company's computers strips Amaazon's Associates cookies -- but that doesn't explain why the Kindle 2 leather cover came thru.

I guess the real question is: Is Amazon still paying $35.99 referral fees to Amazon Associates who sell them?

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Kindle sales coming thru my account since February -- and I see two Kindles deducted from my account in March.

I wonder if other people are still making Kindle sales?

Is it just me -- or is Kindle falling into that excluded product category like the Nintendo Wii Consoles did?


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