Washington Times Down All Day - When WashingtonTimes.com Comes Back Up, Maybe Then They'll Embrace Us Citizen Journalists

The Washington Times website has been down for most of the day -- at least the times I tried to find out about the Washington Times embracing citizen journalists.

I guess it's from all the attention received from a move I applaud -- many sites should follow suit as The Washington Times does and approve well-written and well-researched and well-thought-out citizen journalism.

But alas, even the cache of the story titled "Times embraces 'citizen journalism' - Washington Times" is down or unavailable right now. Guess the Washington Times as got to approach a better website host, too.

I can't talk. I've my share of days when my sites have gone down. And I've done stupid stuff to get them banned from Google.

The Washington Times gets over 100,000 pageviews a day, I see, according to StatBrain.com -- and I can't really tell who their web host is by using Who.Is, or rather, I just don't want to out a bad web host. Maybe it's the weather, who knows?

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Villager said…
I never heard of StatBrain.com before. That is a nifty little utility...

peace, Villager

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