Conficker Eye Chart - Here's Conficker EyeChart, Use Conflicker Eye Chart Link Below To See if Conficker i Chart Says You're Infected with Virus...

So I just checked my laptop with the conficker eye chart to see if the conficker eye chart says I have the conflicker virus or not.

Thankfully, according to the conficker chart, I don't have the conflict virus -- which though it didn't wreak much havoc on April 1, 2009, as expected, today on Monday, April 13, 2009, people are saying that those computers infected with the conficker worm virus may be exposed to having their credit card info stolen.

I hope the conficker, conflicker, conflict, configure i eye chart whatever you call it... accurate. Those are just some of the curious searches and names that people are frantically typing into Google right now at a volcanic rate to ensure their PCs are safe.

Hopefully a whole lotta heavenly protection and the multiple anti-virus software I use protected me from conflict, and will keep me safe from worms.

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