Barbara Walters is now on Twitter...Here's Barbara Walters Twitter page

Barbara Walters is now on Twitter, and I just became one of her followers.

Barbara's specific Twitter page is listed at -- and she's got about 17 followers as of this writing. You just know that's going to be up to half a million soon.

It was so funny when Whoopi Goldberg told Barbara not to give out her Twitter page name because everyone would have it -- she sounded like a scared old anti-techie lady.

And Whoopi is pissed at Twitter for letting fakers adopt her persona. But I'll bet you those fake Whoopi Twitter pages will be gone by days' end too.

Come, on Whoopi, don't be afraid of Twitter!

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And I am following her now as well. Thanks for posting that because there's no way I'd be specificaly looking for her twitter account (so I'd never find it). said…
I have watched you for many years but what you did to Paula Dean was just wrong...You lost a very loyal fan in me and all of my friends...
Anonymous said…
barbara - I think you are so highly intelligent and thank you for the many years of keeping us informed so wonderfully. But for the life of me, how do you put up with Joy. I'm sure she is fairly O.K., but not for The View - she is so crude, does not dress well (today, her buttons were about to pop off, her blouse was so tight) I think you could do a lot better than having her and this is the consensus of the discussions when topics are brought up with many friends of mine - she is a little too much - I know she has been with you a long time but how about early retirement - it would sure make your program "tops"

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