The View Features Women for Hire, Magic Dream Party, Direct Selling 411 and Other Ways to Make Money Online From Home...

The View had a big show today all about how to get a job -- and the last segment featured ways for stay-at-home moms to get jobs from home, working online.

Of course they mentioned trying your hand at selling stuff on eBay -- and I was glad to see they also mentioned selling stuff thru Amazon's Marketplace. Amazon is one of my favorite places to make money -- but I told sell my own stuff thru their Amazon Marketplace (I once did sell some books thru Amazon but it wasn't a good book) -- but now I sell other people's stuff on Amazon. (Look to the link in my sidebar to join their Amazon Associates program if you've got a website.)

They also mentioned making money online thru writing for Associated Content. (Again, that link's in my sidebar, too.)

The View Show On Finding a Job from Home...

...also feature, a site that has job groups and lots of resources it seems to help women stay motivated and find work.

I was happy to see the focus on finding work online, however, and one woman with a thick accent that I couldn't fully understand (I was working online at the time) mentioned Magic Dream Party, but I went to and saw that the domain name was still available. I didn't buy it, I already bought The Sherri Show yesterday.

There was a woman from WalMart saying they are hiring. (Apply for a job with Walmart on

So there were lots of options and some good advice, though I bristle at that guy on there whom I think Oprah uses as a job expert who delves into beliefs that seem too New Agey.

Anyway, try the links you find on this page, keep your head up and keep searching. That job is yours and it will turn up.

Log on, find a job and get to work. SnagAJob

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