PageRank Go Down in April 2009? My Google PageRank Didn't Increase, but Decreased to a 2 -- Was it the Text Link Ads, or something else?

If you search Google for "pagerank dropped" in the last week or so, you'll get nearly 2,000 search engine results.

True, while all of those Google serps may not be of people bitchin' and moaning about their own pagerank dropping, many of the ones on pages 1 and 2 are.

That's because Google just updated pageranks in April 2009 (people are saying that Google is updating pageranks pretty regularly -- quarterly now) and many sites got hit with pagerank drops.

Two of my Pageranked 3 blogs (this one you're reading, and the one about online shopping) went down to a 2.

Since a couple of my other, previously most popular WordPress sites had already gotten totally Google slapped and removed from their index, both of those have a N/A pagerank (meaning you're hosed and gotten pray for them to return if they've ever seen a rank and then switched down to N/A).

But I'm looking at what I still have, and at least those are a couple of pagerank 2 sites -- you'll see the other ranks over in my sidebar.

The jury goes back and forth over just how much pagerank matters anyway. One SEO tool I forgot the name of shows you how lower pageranked sites can still rank over higher pageranked sites sometimes.

Ah...should I stop with the Text Link Ads? I don't know... it's nice having a little PayPal money coming in each month.

Guess I'll keep doing what I've been doing: Just keep blogging, just keep blogging...


Villager said…
Hi Paula. I must admit that I don't track my Google PageRank. However, since I do track other metrics ... I will begin tracking this one as of today.

Electronic Village PR=3

BDPA Foundation Blog PR=4

I don't have a clue what that information means ... or what my goal should be with the Google PR. What is your goal in this area? Are you trying to get a '10' page rank?

peace, Villager
Martin. said…
I'm don't think just by adding text link ads would make your PR drop, infact I removed ads from one of my blogs, and PR dropped from 3 to 2.
But there is no harm in removing them till the next PR update, to check if it makes a difference (well apart from lost income).
Wii Fit said…
I wonder why google slaps this hard it rally hurts!
Hi Wayne -

Yeah, I forgot to write that Google themselves only have a PageRank of 7 (seems like it used to be higher, an 8 or 9) and I find it funny that they don't totally trust themselves.

I just like to be in that sweet spot (not due to a good pagerank alone) but in that place where you write a post and see Google immediately index it and see searches coming to it right away.

I like that.
Glen said…
I stopped paying attention to google page rank years ago. My traffic is increasing which translates into more money for me.
Anonymous said…
Hm, I hadn't seen this latest update, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. Seems Google is always one step ahead in their algorithm, but I think you have the answer. Blog, Blog, Blog and you will win in the end.
Anonymous said…
Mine went down too.

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