Make Money on Twitter, Embed Your Widget, Follow and Get Followers and Post Your Affiliate Links in Tweets -- It's a Twitterific World!

Twitter is such an amazing thing, and now that Oprah's onboard, lots of regular people are too.

I finally got on board after realizing I didn't have an account on Twitter. So now I'm all over discovering ways that people are trying to make money on Twitter -- which seems to be the buzz-worthy new affiliate marketing place to pitch products.

But instead of pretending to be a regular person and using Mag Pie pay-per-Tweet type services that have drawn the wrath of people online and inspired "How to Sell Your Soul on Twitter" type of pieces getting lots of hits on Digg, ReadWriteWeb and TechMeme -- I'm more inspired by people who are more up-front about finding the people who might be looking to buy stuff on Twitter.

Like if you do a Twitter search on "coupon" you'll find lots of people have set up Twitter accounts focusing on finding good deals, and have gained good followers, targeted and the ones who want to know these deals and have them sent to them. No doubt, these Twitter deal accounts are peppered with affiliate urls.

How to get followers on Twitter and make sales...

Like John Chow's most recent inspirational post spelled out, he got 6,000 or so new Twitter followers in about a week by going thru and manually following new people himself.

Since many new Twitter people have their accounts set up to email them when someone new follows thems, inevitably they end up checking out who followed them -- and some end up following in return.

There doesn't seem to be a limit to the number of Twitter people you can follow...

...even though I'd read it was 2,000 -- I saw one of those coupon Twitter people had followed about 5,000 people, and had about the same number of followers.

I know there are automated ways to add followers, but someone else said Twitter banned their account for following too many people too soon.

Twitter's help said that they look at things like too many, too rapid Twitter follows added as a reason for banning -- as well as too many spam reports from users, or an inordinate balance of a small number of Twitter followers compared to the number of folks following.

So to make money on Twitter, and to embed your Twitter badge...

...firstly I suggest following targeted traffic after you've created some good, useful tweets that really help people.

To post your affiliate link in your tweet, just grab it from the affiliate html code you normally get it, and if it's too long to fit in the tweet, try and use to shorten it, but make sure it still gives you credit for the click and/or sale, because I'm not sure if all that redirecting will work. Play at it.

To embed your Twitter feed, visit this Twitter help page to figure out how to embed it on your blogs and other websites and learn how to promote your most recent content in your blog posts (not Blogger, I see) or just put it on your sidebar.

Give it time and see your followers increase -- that is, after you've provided them valuable tweets and contents that people may be looking for: chiefly perhaps, links (affiliate links) to good deals you find around the net and such.

And if the people want to buy it, they will.

So Tweet, follow, watch your follower count build up and repeat.

Then post your earnings online -- I'll do that next month or so and let you know how my philosophy worked.


Markk said…
All the best in your tweeting. Great place to get connected.
Mike said…
I agree with a lot of these past posts especially the one who mentioned Twitter is all about creating a following! I've been using Twitter for a few weeks now and have gained a massive momentum to my new website, I have a community setup and encourage my followers to join like minded people looking to learn how to make money online. Come check it out if you want an example I have a video tutorial on using Twitter + Open Inviter API + to explode your traffic and sales. Come check it out if your interested.

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