Google Blocks Another One of My Websites, And Here's my Amazon Associates Earnings...

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So last month, March 2009, I spent $366.90 in Google Adwords promoting Amazon and a few other products, and so far the March earnings on Amazon come in at $299.49 -- but about 20 more items need to ship, so thank God I hope I'll at least be in the black and well beyond when they do.

As for the other tallies, at least Adsense hit $500 for the month -- in spite of two sites now totally removed from their index.

But yesterday I was half-surprised to find out that the other website I was building up of the best-selling products online was, just like, totally removed from Google's index.

So what do you do when Google blocks your website and totally removes it from their index?

Well, first you rant and rave a little bit -- second time around, I guess it's less shocking.

You want to ask Google:

Was the feed list plugin? Maybe but, lots of people use that.

Was it all the labels? Maybe...but Goog, could you give us an exactly limit please?

Are you just trying to force webmasters to use Adwords? Nah...don't be evil, right?

So then you try to clean it up the site and get rid of anything you think Google may hate: duplicate content, keyword stuffing, whatever. You wait to put in a reconsideration request and pray. (Been since Feb. 2009 since got banned.)

And then you say, "Uncle!" and thank the good Lord for chastising those whom He loves and get quiet and get to doing whatever the Father really wants you to do...


Glen said…
So far I have yet to be banned so I can't say but I have been trying different things like Chitika and Amazon to offset the huge difference in income that Google brings in. Right now Adsense accounts for 70% of my monthly blog income which is approaching $2500 a month.
That's excellent, Glen. I'm hoping to be back up their with you and both of us beyond!

I'm changing up the Blogger theme on my other blog right now. said…
I am seeking for help. I was defamed and cyberstalked in the internet. 1) How can I totally remove a page of the cache from the search index ? 2) Can I be able to remove the posted cache without letting the stalker/owner know ? please help me !!!!
izu mou said…
Paula,I enjoys reading your blog!
I have been banned 2 webites all using
here are them
In my case,I was a bit greedy,but for now,I depends on yahoo and Msn who are slowly indexing my Blog of late
Big G have also started Indexing My new Blog and I believe I wnon't be that greedy again.LOL
investment-gan said…
I really wonder how do you guys manage to earn so much online. I am running an investment site (click my name) and till now I have not seen any hard cash...
designsdelight said…
Paula maybe they made a mistake, I was reallly looking forward to reading how you products site does.

Were you breaking any Terms of Service rules? Why do not go and beg them to reinstate you website?

Why did you sideline the make money website?
I have a lot of original content on my sites.

I used the feedlist plugin to also pull in the rss feeds offered by Amazon, maybe Google didn't like that.

Or maybe it was a limit on keywords that they want.

I notice that Blogger gives you a max of 200 characters worth of keywords, so now I'm assuming that's want Google wants.

They don't spell out the maximums in their Terms of Service, so sometimes you have to error on the safe side.

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