People Buy Medical Face Masks Online in Droves, Hoping Surgical Masks Will Prevent Swine Flu

I logged onto my Amazon account yesterday and was delighted to see sales, but then saddened when I realized what people were buying in droves: surgical face masks and medical masks, in hopes of preventing swine flu.

This Cardinal N95 Particulate Respirators Surgical, Dust & Avian & Swine Flu Mask, 20 Box says it's for the swine flu:

Medical Masks Can Only Prevent Swine Flu...

...if you're close to a person who has it -- but the swine flu expert on NBC Nightly News last night (or was it Dr. Oz on The View talking about the medical masks?) said that the medical masks won't really help prevent the spread of swine flu in general.

So I don't know if people buying all these medical masks to try and prevent swine flu will really help or not. I guess it can't hurt, I'm assuming. Dr. Oz talked about how a sneeze can travel 100 miles per hour -- and that some of the swine flu particles can make it past the mask.

And Dr. Oz said people shouldn't rush out and buy Tamiflu online or otherwise, in order to keep the supply for those who need it. Plus, he said you shouldn't necessarily take Tamiflu as a preventive measure because you don't want your body immune to things that it shouldn't be immune to yet.

The doctors were saying that if your doc prescribes Tamiflu because someone close to you has swine flu and you fear you've been exposed and/or are showing symptoms of swine flu, then that's okay. (But you've always got to make sure it's okay to take Tamiflu with your pre-existing conditions if you've got heart problems, etc.)

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