How Twitter Can Help You Get More Visitors to Your Website, And Tell You What's Going On...

Twitter is changing the way we do business, how we get our news and communicate with one another.

Barbara Walters just signed up for a free Twitter account today and sent her first Tweet online.

But one of the coolest things on Twitter when you log in and go to the home page, on the right-hand side of the page you'll see below the Twiter search box a "Trending Topics" that lists 10 topics that are hot and buzzing on Twitter at the time.

That's how I found out that Stephen Hawking was ill. And I learned about some new Tweetie Mac app that's hot now. So especially if you write about breaking news, Twitter is one more way to find out what's breaking and write about it first possibly.

If you're on Twitter anyway a lot, it's a good way to see what people are Tweeting a lot about -- and I'll bet you a "dollar to a doughnut" as my Mommy used to say -- that Twitter will keep breaking news before the traditional websites do.

Like the time the person sent the first link to the first pic of that downed plane in the Hudson via Twitter.

I'm lovin' Twitter so far...


Instantwebhost said…
Twitter is the best of the website i love twitter
Mark Verbiest said…
i really wish I could like Twitter; its so powerful - my friends just love it and spend a lot of time tweeting but I just can't get into it. It seems to be really hot at the moment.
Bob sloan said…
I agree with Mark. Twitter will steal a lot of your time, so if u don´t have a lot of time for Twitter, it is better spend elsewhere.
Gry dla Dzieci said…
Seriously guys, don't start twittering. You're not addicted like I am and you have lots of free time. I spend around 4-5 hours a day twitting and readint other people's twits. It's awful.
Twitter really helped me a lot in generating traffic to my also helped me promoting my site's content to other people around the globe.
I could control the environment in my small office and in our home much better than I could control the environment anywhere else. Yet, even controlling my environment to eliminate triggers as much as possible, I had jumping spells almost every day. On occasion, the symptoms would be much worse: slurred speech, staggering, a feeling of disconnection with the world around me, and eventually strange noises and sensations that I couldn’t control.
I just fell in love with Twitter and I always miss it whenever I'm busy on other things. It's addictive because it has speed. Whenever I do updates, the news comes out fast. Thanks, Twitter!
Twitter so powerful - my friends just love it and spend a lot of time tweeting but I just can't get into it.
Launch Tree said…
I only just got back into twitter recently.

It's sooo addictive and no I realize why I stopped before :p

Im using twhirl and have turned off automatic updating caus every time that little bing goes off I just want to jump back on and start reading stuff.

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