$80 a Day Online Earnings Tips from Onlinearnings.com

$80 a Day Online Earnings Tips from Onlinearnings.com

I found an interesting website today called Onlinearnings.com -- and I found most fascinating (her?) blog post called "$50/Daily Clickbank, $30/Daily AdSense Method For Beginners", wherein she details starting a website 4 weeks ago that's already paying her at least 80 bucks a day.

Of course, she doesn't give away her keywords -- but I found most interesting how she took the time to have articles written and submitted to various directories, and got backlinks and stuff in order to get a #1 Google Ranking for the mysterious terms for a keyword that has 15 million SERPs.

I'm seriously thinking of undertaking that route (and writing all the stuff myself for free) of creating articles, submitting to articles directories and slowly but surely gaining backlinks to rank for a good term.

I refuse to sell scammy stuff I see on ClickBank -- but I'm going to focus on positive topics that can help people and pay well.

Of course, look forward to my income reports coming...


celebtwitr said…
Great Post Paula and thanks for directing me to onlinearnings.com full of great ideas and ive bookmarked it.
pauly99 said…
Somehow I doubt whether she got to #1 on Google with that many search terms but then looking at the article, it does say she gets 20,000 to 30,000 hits per month. Actually, after reading the entire article, she did put a lot of effort into promoting the website.
Frank Zweegers said…
I agree with Pauly99. I doubt whether some got a #1 position. It's a good story though. If you take her route, do let us know about the progress!