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Friday, August 28, 2009

500 Hats, $5,000 to Save a Home from Foreclosure...

500 Hats, $5,000 to Save a Home from Foreclosure...

Update: The 500 Hats selling idea has been able to keep the "home foreclosure wolves at bay" for another 30 days...let's keep praying for her house to be saved and paid off -- along with all of our homes!

Something told me to check the Squiddo lens of the day email that popped up in my AOL mail today.

Glad I did.

That's how I found out about the woman knitting hats and selling them for $10 a pop -- working toward selling 500 of them to get the $5,000 her financial institution requires to keep her home out of foreclosure.

The hats look warm and toasty from the pics on her Squiddo page -- and I really love that Bette Holleman gives people the option of donating their hat to the homeless at Modesto Gospel Mission

I love these stories.

Just like the woman who started cooking "Mortgage Apple Cakes" and sold tons of them a $40 a pop to save her home from foreclosure that got picked up by the news:

▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Mortgage Apple Cake – Here's Mortgage Apple Cakes ...

Jul 28, 2009 ... Mortage Apple Cakes, Mortgage Apple Cakes I love this story of Angela Lawson, a Teaneck, New Jersey, woman who bakes tons of mortgage apple ...

I just love to read stories of people taking the initiative and using their heaven-given gifts to prosper and overcome hard times.

It'll be good to read Bette Holleman's success story of saving her home on the news soon...

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