How to Get Approved for Some Commission Junction Advertisers When You Keep Getting Denied for Affiliate Program Advertisers...

How to Get Approved for Some Commission Junction Advertisers When You Keep Getting Denied for Affiliate Program Advertisers...

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One thing that's frustrating after signing up with lots of hope with the advertisers making the most money for their affiliates in Commission Junction and other affiliate programs -- you know, the ones with the longest green bars of network earnings with high $s in their 3-Month and 7-Day EPC (USD) columns, whatever that means, but I remember it's about who's making money -- the most frustrating thing is when we go thru and apply to lots of these programs, wait for days and then find out we're denied.

How I got approved to some Commission Junction advertisers after getting denied...

Get more authority with an LLC or other corporation...

I incorporated my writing business with The Company Corporation earlier this year in hopes of saving on my tax bill next year (all fingers crossed in the prayer position) and then I proceeded to...

Open a new affiliate account on Commission Junction
My old account has several URLs affiliated with it, and is listed as an Individual/Sole Proprietor under Tax Information section of the Account - Administrative Settings on CJ -- so I opened a new fresh account with my new Tax Classification LLC/LLP.

Try new website settings under the account tab...
Another benefit, I believe, in opening the fresh new account was being able to get rid of this blogger blog you're reading now from under the website settings, even though I'd deleted it, it felt like it was still there lurking in the background.

Under my new account I entered only one website: -- and maybe that website has just grown in traffic and pagerank enough for me to have finally gotten approved, or maybe it was the switch to a fresh account with LLC status and no blogger blogs or other multiple blogs listed in my account, but either way...

I got approved for advertisers that had previously denied me on -- which I specifically checked was in my "denied applications" tab under my old CJ account, and is now in my "active advertisers" list.

I don't know if was one of those ones who turned inactive because of my lack of sales, but hopefully it was due to some of the steps above that will open us up to getting approved for lots more advertisers and at least given the chance to sell something for them.

Oh my goodness! I just tried it again for -- a site I didn't even SEE when I searched under my old Commission Junction account -- and immediately got approved under my new account for Equifax!

But I still got declined for some other advertisers on Commission Junction like...

PRWeb »
Verizon Broadband Services » »
HUDforeclosed »
ESPN Insider »
AT&T »
HP Home & Home Office Store »
Elizabeth Arden »
Rosetta Stone Language Software »
DisneyStore »

So I'm not sure what requirements those CJ advertisers want, but try the above tips ALWAYS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND GUT CHECK and let me know if you get approved for more advertisers.

Happy Selling Online!


Deah said…
I have problem with Cj for 1 years, I want to sign up there. may this help me , thanks
Yeah, it's really frustrating when you wait for days and hope for the best, only to find out that it was denied. It's like you've just wasted time that could be spent for some other things.
Thanks for the info!
N A W A B said…
i also work with CJ..but i earn nothing

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