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Google Trends 40 Items on Google Trends List Down from 100 -- Is this a new trend?

Google Trends 40 Items on Google Trends List Down from 100 -- Is this a new trend?

I just woke up to see only 40 items and popular search terms on Google Trends list today.

Normally, the Google Trends list has 100 terms instead of 40.

I wonder why they shortened the list to 40 and if it will stay this way, instead of 100?

I always wanted the list longer, not shorter.

Maybe too many people were gaming it, or using it to post automated garbage and virus stuff. I don't know.

What do you think about Google Trends list being shorter at 40 now?

C'est la vie...


Anonymous said…
My thoughts exactly. Barely any non-im people would be using Google Trends. I'm sure Google is catching on.
Designsdelight said…
I have noticed that is there another trends page?

I have one question to ask, how do you know if google have dinged your site, I am getting zero traffic for no reason from search engines.
123 kumar said…
yea .. this list .. is awesome will use as my primary list
Paris David said…
I don't see another trends page -- you mean the trends for websites? If so, that's been there.

I see your Designs Delight site is still in Google when I type into Google, so that's a good thing.

Did you take out your stats code or change something?
Designsdelight said…
Thanks Paula my google analytics was playing up, I need to fix it.

Is there a site similar to google trends which has a longer list?

Some smaller search engine must have metrics to show what is happening.
Paris David said…
I know, right? I've been playing around on Twitter to check out their trends, but those are only a few terms.

I have a lot of blogs in my feeds to read -- and I look thru AP images to see what new pics are out each day.

I think AOL also has some hot trends, I've gotta find it.

It makes us look more places to do research, like TV and stuff.

But it's kind of good too, because then all the scrapers can't scrape a whole list of 100 items anymore.
Anonymous said…
What does Google Trends have to do with IM, and what's a "scraper"?

I use GT as my primary source for news.
Paris David said…
Yeah, I was confused about the "non-im people" comment -- but maybe they meant people who grab a link and instant message it to someone?

But the scraper deal is this: Some people automatically grab the Google Trends feed and then create blog posts from it that have nothing to do with the topic - they litter the Google serps with those results, and sometimes bad stuff.

So it's annoying. At least if people are going to use Google Trends, it's good when they actually write an informative article based around it, not just scrape the term and write nothing about it just to get some traffic to their sites without doing anything.

But Google shuts those down eventually, believe me, I know when I used wp-o-matic, but I never used it on Google Trends. You don't know what kind of crap can show up on Google Trends some days.
because I think it's not necessary to make it 100. :D And only a few people are interested about the trends.
JDevereux said… is another good tool for finding hot topics. Not that Google gives my little blog any traffic for those kinds of things anyway.
Its strange that the google trned list has shortened.
Gift Baskets said…
Is it possible that Google feels that 100 is too much and many people stop after the first 40?
rakeback said…
Ive noticed a lot of inconsistency in the ranking of my websites by google. One day the site will be ranked on the 2nd page the next day the 4th page. Having they been making a lot of alterations to their ranking algorithms?
Anonymous said…
am following the google trend when you post a topic about it and what i saw? it has only 40 items posting there. valuews, reviews, business
Is it possible that Google feels that 100 is too much and many people stop after the first 40!!! I appreciate your work & hope for some more informative posts.

"Machwan Communication & Research, a company providing a full suite of custom business intelligence services including - database management, sales lead generation, loyalty program management, tele-prospecting/ telemarketing, market research, and CRM solutions."
Anonymous said…
Hey Paula,
Not sure if you have noticed or not but Google Trends has now been dropped to 20!
Anonymous said…
I'm not liking this drop in trends at all. Not enough to work with. Most of the time, Twitter trends don't provide me with anything to work with--any suggestions?
Paris David said…
Yeah, I noticed it dropped down to 20 items now.

At least the scrapers have less to scrape!

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Anonymous said…
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