Field Negro LA Times Attorney Wayne Bennett Article - Agnostic? Don't count on it, my blogging brotha man...

"Field Negro" Attorney Wayne Bennett has made the LA Times!

Well blow me over with a bushel of cotton. (All respect to folks like my Daddy Elmer (late grandfather) and GranRuby (late grandmother) who actually worked those fields from "cain't see to cain't see" (before dawn till after dawn) -- and women like my grandmother who actually went into labor with one of her four kids in those fields, its soil richly tilled by their rugged hands -- labor that blest me with a college education at the HBCU Florida A & M University decades later...)

Thanks to for hipping me to the Field Negro LA Times piece, who points out an interesting take on Wayne Bennett's viewpoint, leading me to ask myself:

  • Does the self-described Field Negro thinketh me a field negro, too?

  • A patio negro?

  • Or the much-derided house negro?

  • It matters not. I know in Whose vineyard I toil...

    And you know I'm praying in Jesus' Name alone for a serious Damascus Road experience to use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, so-called-but-not-for-long-agnostic Wayne Bennett back to his roots of Love.

    Be blessed, brotha.



    swaminathan said…
    hiii ,
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    Larger than life
    Martin Lindsey. said…
    I don't know how he would consider you Paula but I'm glad to see him get some press. I've heard about his blog and may have even seen him comment here and there through out the Afro-Sphere but the LA Times piece is my reason for actually checking him out for first time.

    Way to go Wayne. We are becming a new force in black America in particular and the world in general - no matter what our blogging interests and angles are - and the recognition is starting to come around. Cheers to the field negro.
    Car Audio said…
    An agnostic is one who believes that it is not possible to know whether God exists or not. Not to worry, with age this belief disappears and knowledge dawns.

    Well done Paula, you are alright!
    saba,ink said…
    It is great to see technology has brought talented writers into the forefront. So, many have tried to work with mainstream media that might not have thought their voices VALID. Congrats to all the bloggers making an impact!
    Its commendable how many of us have risen from being not very well off to accomplished individuals. Toil and hard work is needed everywhere, whether you are a blogger or a tiller.
    Martin Lindsey. said…
    Hey Paula, I'd like to enlist you and your readers to read and comment on my latest post from earlier today. Please comment on it and write about it on your blogs if you like. I'm going the "bloggers I read" route of generating some viral traffic on an issue I really care about.

    Here's the link. Thanks....Martin
    Lillie Ammann said…
    I've just finished editing a book about a family's journey from slavery to self-determination in three generations. The book is closely based on the author's family history, but he wrote it as a novel to fill in the gaps and use his imagination when historical facts and details couldn't be determined. Do you know anyone who would be willing to read and comment on the book? He's looking for a couple of good quotes for the back cover. Thanks.
    You know, Lillie, I'm not sure.

    When I self-published my novel, I sent out tons of galley copies but never ended up getting blurbs before I pulled the book.

    Anyway, I believe if he sends out a bunch of galley copies, he'll should get some good back-cover blurbs.

    Lillie Ammann said…
    Thanks, Paula. I didn't know you had self-published a novel. You said you pulled it ... so it's no longer available?

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