Chocolate Rain Ringtone Free Download -- Verizon Commercial, Lynn From Girlfriends CWTV Show Make Ring Tone Hot to Want to Buy, But Do We Get It?

Last night I was watching Girlfriends, and Lynn had the Chocolate Rain ringtone (download free here) go off on her phone after she bedded some young college student.

How old was that college student by the by?

And how old is Persia White's character?

Anyway, I don't agree with that -- even though he showed her his ID before they got busy -- today I kept thinking of R. Kelly's lyrics "Show me some ID before I get knee-deep...I don't see nothing wrong with a little Bump 'n' Grind" -- I'll bet you my former Kenwood Academy High School alum sees something wrong with it now!

But I still hope the best for R. Kelly, and that he's learned his lesson as we all do. I used to blast that Trade in My Life song in my old apartment -- he was taking me to church thru music.

While hunting around for the free Chocolate Rain ringtone that you can listen to here, I came across this tripped out unaired Verizon commercial of some thugged-out portrayal of black guys with a Chocolate Rain ringtone:

"Doesn't that bother you?" my husband just asked me as I showed him the Verizon Chocolate Rain commercial and chuckled.

"It's just stupid...that's why they're not airing it."

"The fact that they would even make it," he said.


Stupid Verizon Chocolate Rain ringtone commercial.

But the stupidest thing of all to me is that people are interpreting the Chocolate Rain ringtone and song as some catchy, light, frothy, campy diddy that means nothing.

Reading the Chocolate Rain lyrics and listening to the sadness behind the song, we see that it's anything but happy...


Anonymous said…
Hi Paula, I'm leaving you this message here since I couldn't find your email.

I typed your name in google, and since this blog doesn't appear to be in the first page, I guess that you still being penalized by google.
This whole situation is a lot more common than you think, I've been penalized twice by google, and I'm still wondering if there is anyway to get back on track (meaning, forgiven by God....sorry, Google). I noticed that even though you deleted the links pointing to your home page, nothing has happened. Have you seen an increase in your SERPS from google?. My mail is
Hey Phoenix -

That's funny. Forgiven by God, sorry Google, part I mean.

(Oops...does quoting you count as duplicate content? Will the big "Googe" relegate us further to the suplemental index? Cheese :-)

Anyhoo, yeah, I notice the people who do find this blog now find me on results page 51-60 in Google in some instances.

Every now and then I'll get a good SERP position in Google for something.

I was just wondering last night if there was a way to get unpenalized by Google.

I still need to check my dead links and such...

Then maybe the next PageRank update, Google will unpenalize me.

I don't know.

I'd better Google it.

Thanks for reaching out from one penalized blogger to another.
Hair Removal said…
Thanks. I too like 'Chocolate rain Ringtone'
maurizio said…
lol you read my mind. I just saw Chocolate Rain yesterday on youtube and I was just wondering what the song really meant.
I enjoyed the spoof too :D

Btw. your link to the lyrics doesn't work.
Thanks Maurizio!

It's weird, you're the second person that said that this link to the Chocolate Rain lyrics doesn't work, but it works when I click on it.

Is there a different link?

Take care,
Deb said…
intersting, will check out the ringtone.
Car Audio said…
I am old fashioned enough to use a regular ring tone on my mobile. I find it quite distracting to hear downloaded ringtones.
Free Ringtones said…
lol lol ... THat was just classic ... that was hilarious .. I think you would get ya a$$ kicked if you had that ringtone on your phone

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