Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain Lyrics, Videos -- What's his nationality and race? Why is Chocolate Rain so sad and catchy and sweeping the net?

Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain lyrics, videos,questions of race,black,Indian,what is Chocolate Rain?by Paula Neal Mooney

This guy Tay Zonday and his "Chocolate Rain" lyrics are tripping me and a lot of other people out.

"I am a singer-songwriter-vocalist. I do everything. No style is off-limits. No two videos are alike. From Bach to Tupac, Opera to Screamo, Expect the Unexpected!"

That's what Tay Zonday YouTube site says. (I hope that means he's getting revenue sharing.)

"Yes, I have a deep voice. No, I don't fake it," Tay Zonday continues.

I wish he would give more info about his nationality -- something I always try to decipher. Is he black? Is he Indian? I want to know.

Is that what "Chocolate Rain" means? With the property value line and all...

"Yes, I look young. I am 25 years old. I have never studied piano or voice formally. Several of my videos have free MP3s and/or sheet music that you can download in the video details!"

Right now, Tay Zonday's personal website (or blog?) redirects back to YouTube, but I'm sure with all the attention he's getting -- somebody's trying to get him on MTV -- it'll be smoking hot soon.

Then we'll all know more.

My kids cracked up at the "Chocolate Rain" video and lyric delivery, but if you listen closely, the "Chocolate Rain" lyrics are really sad.

Reminds me of the recent 20/20 special about hell (watch the video) that made ruminate about the hell on earth some people experience now, and the one guy who went to hell and came back to life, sobbing to be saved.

But back to Zonday. Here are all of Tay Zonday's videos.

Believe you me, this is only the beginning for this man...

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    Blog Money said…
    CHOCOLATE RAIN! haha... that is pretty funny... and so random at the same time, i wasn't expecting my man to have a voice like that but it is pretty catchy though...
    zawadi said…
    WOW Paula, you have all the good news. I checked out that video and watched a few more of him. this kid is original. I have never heard anything like it. I mean it sounds like some old rock n roll from the 50's mixed with some R&B. I like his voice and his style. I think he is a cutesy too. I can say that cause i'm old lol.
    Bonnie Calhoun said…
    I saw the hell thing...too bad some peole are going to get a really rude awakening...LOL...I made a funny!

    I've never heard of this kid, but I'll check him out!
    Jim.Legington said…
    Awesome Paula,

    Thanks for the tip about Tay Zonday, he's such a fresh voice that the world has to make room for now.

    I just love the way he did that song 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.
    So real until he doesn't have to
    do anything better with that one.

    He nailed it, and I just know the
    sky has no limits for his success.

    I just love a rising star! Tay Zonday is coming, I like his cover!
    Chuck Brown said…
    The guy's got a very interesting voice, but if his other material is of relatively the same strength, he's in desperate need of a songwriter.

    His voice has a character that could be quite compelling if he can learn to hone in on a musical style and get comfortable with it. Chocolate Rain is delivered in an unneccessarily stiff style. With a voice like that, it puts me in mind of Lou Rawls a bit. And Lou was the king of smooth.

    I hope the kid gets good advice. I've been a big fan of American Idol for the past 3 years, but it's sad to watch these kids get devoured by music industry people who don't know the first thing about good music.

    Songwriting used to be an honored and valued profession. To some degree, it's still there in country music...but, for the most part, it gets devalued. Now, people record what their producer tells them to...something their cousin wrote for them...something written by a hot girl who they hope to win an audience with, etc, etc, etc.

    It's a delight for me when someone records one of my songs. I'll never make any money at it...but I haven't had dreams like that since I was a teen anyway. But it's really a beautiful thing to watch someone take something you've created, and bring it to life in their own unique way. I'm a big believer in the concept that we're all gifted in different ways. And it's extra cool when each one brings something special... something unique to them... to contribute to one larger cool thing. Sorta like the ultimate potluck dinner. ;-)
    Anonymous said…
    "but if you listen closely, the "Chocolate Rain" lyrics are really sad."

    Mitch said…
    He will be featured Monday morning 30 July 2007 on the Nationally syndicated morning television show "The Daily Buzz" (www.dailybuzz.tv)

    Long live Chocolate Rain.
    Anonymous said…
    He's a lyrical genius...and I don't know why his race is soo important to everyone. i hope he doesn't reveal his race.
    304 said…
    Unique Sound Lyrics Wise MasterMind Dig The Book He Was Readin In The Other Vid Dude Got Brains The Powerful Type I Think We'll See Him SomeDay But Man Read Between The Lines You'll Be Shocked ...
    Anonymous said…
    Anonymous said…
    The link you had for Chocolate Rain Lyrics was invalid. Here they are:
    Chocolate Rain
    Some stay dry and others feel the pain
    Chocolate Rain
    A baby born will die before the sin

    Chocolate Rain
    The school books say it can't be here again
    Chocolate Rain
    The prisons make you wonder where it went

    Chocolate Rain
    Build a tent and say the world is dry
    Chocolate Rain
    Zoom the camera out and see the lie

    Chocolate Rain
    Forecast to be falling yesterday
    Chocolate Rain
    Only in the past is what they say

    Chocolate Rain
    Raised your neighborhood insurance rates
    Chocolate Rain
    Makes us happy 'livin in a gate

    Chocolate Rain
    Made me cross the street the other day
    Chocolate Rain
    Made you turn your head the other way

    Chocolate Rain
    History quickly crashing through your veins
    Chocolate Rain
    Using you to fall back down again

    Chocolate Rain
    Seldom mentioned on the radio
    Chocolate Rain
    Its the fear your leaders call control

    Chocolate Rain
    Worse than swearing worse than calling names
    Chocolate Rain
    Say it publicly and you're insane

    Chocolate Rain
    No one wants to hear about it now
    Chocolate Rain
    Wish real hard it goes away somehow

    Chocolate Rain
    Makes the best of friends begin to fight
    Chocolate Rain
    But did they know each other in the light?

    Chocolate Rain
    Every February washed away
    Chocolate Rain
    Stays behind as colors celebrate

    Chocolate Rain
    The same crime has a higher price to pay
    chocolate Rain
    The judge and jury swear it's not the face


    Chocolate Rain
    Dirty secrets of economy
    Chocolate Rain
    Turns that body into GDP

    Chocolate Rain
    The bell curve blames the baby's DNA
    Chocolate Rain
    But test scores are how much the parents make

    Chocolate Rain
    'Flippin cars in France the other night
    Chocolate Rain
    Cleans the sewers out beneath Mumbai

    Chocolate Rain
    'Cross the world and back its all the same
    Chocolate Rain
    Angels cry and shake their heads in shame

    Chocolate Rain
    Lifts the ark of paradise in sin
    Chocolate Rain
    Which part do you think you're 'livin in?

    Chocolate Rain
    More than 'marchin more than passing law
    Chocolate Rain
    Remake how we got to where we are
    Hey Last Anonymous
    My link works for me, but thanks for printing the Chocolate Rain lyrics here anyway.

    Gave me another chance to savor their beauty and truth and depth.


    I mean, I know God's favor over my life traverses any racism.

    But wow, "test scores are how much the parents make" -- so in-depth!

    Just wait till the mainstream media truly discovers Tay Zonday!
    m-wars said…
    nice news you got there, thanks.

    I like to read your blog and writestyle, so keep up with it.
    John Mayer's video of the Chocolate Rain remix, in which he makes light of the song that's very serious and sad.

    I also heard Tay Zonday was on Jay Leno's show.

    Anybody got think link?

    So now Tay Zonday has been on Jimmy Kimmel, per this E! News piece.

    Plus, now we all know the real name of Tay Zonday, which is Adam Bahner.

    And Adam Bahner doesn't quite totally explain the Chocolate Rain lyrics, but he is very smart -- a PhD candidate, and he give an intriguing non-definition.

    Go Adam Bahner!
    Isis said…
    Sorry to spoil it, but he admits that he is black (mixed, actually), in this interview:


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