ShoppingAds .com Reviews, Invitation Code, Earnings - Beta CPC Program Spells the Death of AuctionAds CPA Program?

Try ShoppingAds thru my affiliate link if you're in the mood to try a new experiment with me, then let me know your ShoppingAds reviews.

ShoppingAds is a new Cost Per Click the techies are writing reviews about, and I want to see if these ads that people only have to click on will make us more money than AuctionAds did.

This guy, in his ShoppingAds review thinks it may spell the death of AuctionAds, which is fine by me, because you'll see that I made nearly nothing with the cost-per-action model of AuctionAds when I post up my monthly income later today -- Lord willing. Reviews? Beta Invitation Code?

If you were already an user, you should already have an email with the ShoppingAds invitation code to their beta program in your email inbox. So sign up and write up those reviews and let me know how much money you're making -- or not!

Here's the email I received this morning containing the ShoppingAds invitation code below:

PAULA, as a previous user of AuctionAds I wanted to send you a private invite to our new ShoppingAds product! ShoppingAds is a cost per click ad product powered by the major shopping comparison sites.
Now you are probably wanting to email me right back and ask, "Why should I try ShoppingAds when I had such hit and miss success with AuctionAds?" The answer is because ShoppingAds is a cost per click product with predictable earnings. So you send the traffic and get paid for every click! AuctionAds is a CPA (cost per action) product so earnings were very unpredictable for many publishers. Also, ShoppingAds is built on a very stable platform and the ads are serving lightning fast!
Our current users are seeing CPC's in the $.25 range on average and we think we can deliver a great return for your site. We are ready for you to start running the ads and we offer full international traffic support. To access the new program:
(use your AuctionAds email address and password)
the Activation Code is: betaluck!


Car Audio said…
Sadly, I do not blog for money. I thank you for this lead though and shall use it if and when I do change to commercial.
CFernandes said…
The bad news is that ShoppingAds isn´t getting any clicks.

Which is kind of "funny" since the ads look the same as the AuctionAds ones that got tons of clicks. I have an interesting post about this in my blog.
David Parkinson said…
If you’re already a ShoppingAds user, or considering becoming one, you should check out emptyspaceads - turn your website's empty space into cash (a product I left my full-time job at Microsoft to build), which allows you to put ShoppingAds units in your website’s empty space. After all, when was the last time you made any money from your site’s empty space? Better yet, you don’t have to give up any existing ad units to run emptyspaceads. Keep what works!

We hope to add more ad networks soon! You can also create your own TextAds, ImageAds, and even HTMLAds. I invite you to try it out and send your honestly brutal feedback. Thanks!

-David Parkinson, emptyspaceads founder

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